Sleeping for men only.

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i cant get to sleep at night if i have any peice of clothing on i have to be fully nude.

is that normal? do any of you other guys do this?

and your age if you will




  1. Me, too!  I gotta be nude.

    My age?  That's a secret.

  2. no, i sleep with clothes on generally... idk if thats normal or not, honestly.... ive tried, but, didnt work.

    im 15

  3. its normal. many people have that problem. you don't feel 'clean' if you have your clothes on.try showering before you sleep. put on shorts and an inner shirt (plain white)

    see if you get sleep then.

    i'm 19 and i sleep in shorts without a shirt. i don't like the shirt, makes me feel claustrophobic (if thats how you spell it)

  4. YES this is common.  Especially if you are use to no cloths.  Mostly males but also some females have this.

    I sleep nude....  I cannot go back to PJ's and have not since about 15 when I went to uderware, and then at 18 gave that up too.

    Relax you are ok.....


  5. l sleep with my shirt off and am 16 but its normal to sleep without your cloths

  6. Maybe you should turn the thermostat down at night. That may help.

    But no, it's not normal. But what IS normal?

    It's not abnormal either. It's just preference.

    Just keep your door locked!

    Oh...I sleep in my boxers only and I'm 21.

  7. i tend to be very warm at night and i am personally someone that prefers a cold environment, i open the windows as soon as i wake up and they are open all day regardless of weather. so when i go to bed i like to stay cool i ussually sleep in my boxers however if i had the choice i would sleep nude so it perfectly normal. the only problem with me is i am young and live with my family so cant be nude.

  8. wear whatever is comfortable, some people have to have full pajama sets some just boxers and some nude, don't worry about it

  9. Nope I hate having socks on when I sleep I can't sleep with them I wake up all night.

  10. its normal, we all have our sellping habits, i cant sleep unless the fans on and the radio is turned on, and i cant sleep with any clothes on exept boxers
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