Men and women's health, Women and men's health?

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Should men and women, have basic knowledge and understand of the opposite s*x's anatomy, functions, and issues?

Should a husband be aware of his wifes, cycles?

Why do some men, get upset or freak out when discussing women's health issues?

inspired by the p***y swelling Q...




  1. If a Feminist/Misandrist wishes to understand human anatomy, this can be achieved by attending graduate Medical Schooling.

    If the Feminist wishes to use pop-psychology in an attempt to make light of a man's anatomy, this is the correct place to do so.  Just bear in mind, that if what you seek is to find flaw with hundred of thousands of years of evolution, then this is the right place for it.

    Medicine is for the serious study of human anatomy.  Feminism is for the demonization of men.  It's your body, your mind, your choice.  One can either decide to hate men, or learn about their anatomy/physio/ pathophysio. at the graduate/clinical level.  But rest-assured.  The information provided by medicine is factually based.  Information provided by feminists is "qualitatively" based, i.e. three old women sitting in a room playing bridge and deciding if men are all rapists and whether that's all they are.

    Choose your poison wisely, love.

  2. Of course there is nothing wrong with having a basic understanding of each others anatomy.  However, not everyone is going to be as unsqueamish as you.  Personally, when one of my female friends was pregnant, I heard phrases like "mucous plug" more times than I ever care to again.  Seriously, there is nothing wrong with a little knowledge, but a little human compassion can go a long way.

  3. I am all for understanding the anatomy and functions. But I really do not need to hear all the nasty details.

    I don't like to hear how dirty the kitchen was in a restaurant before I dine there. Just a long as its clean.

  4. Adult humans should have a basic knowledge of all human anatomy, functions and issues.

    I'm not sure how a husband would manage to NOT be aware of his wife's cycles.  

    I don't know why some men get freaked out over discussing women's health issues. My guess is imaturity. I have been a soldier in wartime, I've worked in dairy and I've worked with severely disabled people, so I pretty much don't get squeamish over the various contents of the human/mammal body.

    Saw the p***y swelling Q. I would think it would be common sense that if you pound on soft tissue with harder tissue over a very sustained period of time, bruising and soreness will ensue.  

  5. There's nothing wrong with discussing women's health when it's in context.

    How would you feel if a stranger on the bus asked you about his swollen p***s?

  6. What could it hurt? I would think having some knowledge would not only be a benefit for your spouse but also your kids. A lot of men do act ridiculous when it comes to discussing women's health but I believe men in general have more respect for women's health since it is discussed more openly in general.

    Most women think just because they know about the p***s, ball sack, and sperm that that's all there is to know about men's health. Natural male behavior and issues are viewed as disgusting and something to be poked fun at. But this is often overlooked; mothers with sons can especially benefit.

  7. Yes, we should have a basic understanding at least, especially if you're in a relationship with a member of the opposite s*x, or better yet, you have a child of the opposite s*x.

    I don't know why so many men get freaked out about women's health issues.  I guess they're foreign to us, but then again so are many men's issues to women.  I really can't answer that.  I'd rather not hear about women's problems myself if I can help it, but I'm not scared to death of them like a lot of guys, and would help out if I needed to, and could.

  8. Which men get upset about women's health?

    Sounds like behavior i witnessed in 9th grade health class.

  9. Well, if you are heterosexual, you presumably want a partner and I think it's only fair to understand how that partner's body works and what ways it is different from your own body. I would hate to be in a relationship with some guy who was afraid of the word "period".  

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