How do biological women feel about male-to-female transgendered people? ?

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I wonder because I myself am trans and I have heard that some women feel that MTF trans people aren't "becoming women" but rather creating "caricatures" of women. While I know this is true of drag queens, all of the true trans women I know wear sensible clothing and light make-up and really try to fly under the radar as much as possible. What's sad is that many of them lead very lonely lives for fear of being "called out" outside of their homes. So, do a great majority of biological women feel this way? or is it just a vocal minority? Please be truthful with your answer, you won't hurt my feelings.




  1. I'm not a woman but I hope you don't mind me answering. This is specifically about trans women who are alone. I think that if society as a whole would realize that your sexual orientation is not defined by what someone else's genitals are, but rather by what gender your attracted to, people in general would be more open to (true) transexual women and men. They would be treated more equally, and would acutally find real people to date, not weirdos who want to live out strange fantasies.

  2. I have never heard this before.  There is a lot of ignorance and fear and hatred out there, so it's entirely possible that a lot of women do feel that way.  But I cannot imagine why anyone would waste time wondering how a transgendered person's existence is hurting them.

    I hope there are not a lot of them, and I wish the ones there are were less vocal.

  3. No problem with transgendered people at all.  

    The caricatures, on the other hand... that I have problems with.  Its as though they are mocking women, and IMO its not cool.  Women had to fight so hard to be taken seriously... and then we see this :(

  4. I certainly don't feel that it is a caricature of a woman. I think changing from male to female is a legitimate transformation of the mind and of the appearance. Unfortunately, there is little you can do about biology/chromosomes (so, I don't believe you can become 100% a woman).

    However, I think trans women are becoming their true selves. And as a biological woman, I'm proud to have them/you as one of us.  

  5. I have absolutely no problem with transgendered people. You have to be yourself, no matter what your outward appearance. Plus considering the lengths MTF trans people go to be as authentic as possible to their self-identity (hormone injections, gender reassignment surgery, implants, etc), it would be remiss to say that they are not becoming women.

  6. I don't have any ill will towards them at all.    The hatred and disgusting discrimination of these women is despicable.  Live and let live, I say.  Its not any ones place to judge others.

  7. I frequently find myself envying their hair.

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