Anti feminists, what do you love about women?

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I keep hearing that anti-fems actually love women, they just hate feminists, although some of the comments on here today seem to prove the opposite.

"Women and weak and pathetic..."

"Woman if a man had kept you cleaning and raising children as proper and right you wouldnt starts to thinking and nobody needs a woman asking questions."

etc etc.

So, anti-feminists, what do you really love about women?




  1. I like everything about women. I don't like sexists or racists...and you might disagree but feminism is just another word for sexism. What do they want exactly?? women already have equal rights.

  2. This is a rather cute question because you in your naive way are assuming that anti-feminists have to be men.  So, we'll just take it from there; and hope in future you never make that mistake again, because I,as an anti-feminist woman, am not going to implore you to believe that I don't hate women, which is the reverse of your question.  I live my life as I see fit.

    Also, so what if some men think I as a woman am weak and pathetic; it's not going to kill me, not unless I decide to do it myself, which I certainly will not..  

  3. Lol, I'd be here all day if I started listing quotes by anti-feminists that show their true anti-woman colours.

    Note here how they have avoided the question and have not said what they love about women.

    I think it was Politically Incorrect, who asserts here to love women, that said in a previous post he finds pregnant women 'disgusting' due to their loss of innocence and purity. Clearly he only loves virginal pubescent girls. He certainly wasn't the only anti-feminist to express this view. Funny how these also tend to be the very same people who are apparently 'pro-family' and 'pro-life'.

    Anti-feminists say that the only valuable contribution to society women have is in giving birth and raising children. They say they believe in equality but that the man should be the 'head' of the house and women should be submissive and obedient. Explain to me how this is 'equal'? I could go on .....

    Basically I get the impression that most anti-feminists only love women who fit a certain mould. This is essentially why they are anti-feminism - because feminism has opened the world up for women. It has become apparent that women do not all fit this mould. Anti-feminists do not want women to participate in life in the way that men traditionally have been free to do. It's very clear from their postings.


    Here's another good one -

    'You imply that women are inherently superior because they incubate their spawn. How much effort goes into pregnancy?'

    Wow, both denigrating pregnant women (and their babies) as disgusting (again) AND dismissing all the effort that goes into pregnancy. I don't even want kids, but I would never dismiss the discomfort and pain that some women go through. However it seems that anti-feminist men are very quick to do so.

    Hate speech on GWS indeed.

  4. I don't hate women...I AM a woman and I love a lot of other women.

    But I'm sure as h**l not a feminist.  

  5. I love women, I'm just very critical of modern day feminism. Feminism wasn't always bad in that it allowed women to achieve equal rights and all, but this new mutation has just gone too far. Now it's promoting SPECIAL TREATMENT for women and elements withing this movement have an anti-male mindset. Big difference.

  6. Since the anti-feminists haven't come up with much other than how they love women in general (not a single quality mentioned) or primarily discuss a woman in terms of her body and sexuality, I'll mention a few things I love about women (that usually apply to men as well): intelligence, loyalty, humor, competency, expressiveness, companionship, caring, tolerance, and sensitivity.

    Thanks for the question-so much for the great love and respect anti-fems have for women..hah!  

  7. I am as concerned about women as I am men.

    I don't hate women and I am not self-loathing.  

    Perhaps the quotes you show were posted by someone who is trying to get a rise out of women.  

    I'm not offended by them because I know I am neither pathetic nor weak.

  8. Their bodies. As shallow as it sounds it is true. If I was to go on about personality, I'd be bullshitting you. Personality is a quality that is s*x blind and is attributed to people that I respect. Females alone, it is their bodies.  

  9. You know I've had the best times with women, when I think back I always think of which woman was there with me. My weekend will be spent with a woman whose company I love. I'm anti-feminism but I don't agree with the quotes you gave.

    I don't dislike all white Americans because of the KKK but I will take exception to it's members and the same goes for feminists and feminism.

    EDIT Whats so hard to understand? There is hate speech directed at men on GWS curriculum's, the likes of Harriet Harman in governments, UNI FEM, social services, education and law all over the world. Propaganda against men is being spread via. miss-leading stats relating to Domestic violence, rape and wage gap.  

    We are anti all of the above, not women, feminism. Anyway, why should I have to justify myself to members of a group that celebrates Dworkin etc?

  10. I am an anti-feminist, and I love women. I love the way a woman can kiss you, whisper in your ear or just rub her finger down your back and its like all your problems have gone away.

    I love how they smell, how they talk, how they look, how they smile, that look in their eye when they get pissed, that distinct look!

    I love everything about women.

    I just hate the ideology of feminism.  

  11. Hah! You called them out on it. People swear up and down that they don't hate women, only feminists. Almost none of the comments actually  answered the question and the ones that did said "I really like their bodies and the physical things they can do for me." Well wishing all women were mindless blow-up dolls that just smiled at you is extremely anti-woman.

    Yeah guys, it is totally OK if a woman just stands there and looks pretty (women at their best apparently), but if she does anything else she is clearly a crazy feminazi. Excellent question. But don't let cowardly, anti-feminist c**p on the internet get you down.

  12. Laela: She never implied that anti-feminists are men.  She could mean that, if you are an anti-feminist woman, what do you love about yourself as a woman?

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