What punishment should women get if abortion was illegal?

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non of these pro life people could answer what do you think?




  1. They shouldn't get any punishment.  

  2. death.If she kills innocent creatures she should get the same treatment.

  3. the same punishment people get for defaulting on child support.

  4. The inherent punishment for abortions performed illegally is the high risk of uterine perforation, sepsis, etc. which would lead to the demise of the woman in many cases (as it did all too often).  The result of illegally performed TOP at the hands of a non-professional would be the unintended and excruciating pain of the woman and death of the unborn, so for this reason I'm vehemently opposed to "illegalizing" abortion.

  5. 1) If the person is under the age of 18 they should have have to attend 10 hours of intensive sexual education where they will learn about STDs, hardship of unwanted children, and birth control

    2) If the person is over the age of 18, 1st offense will be the same as 1 above, 2nd offense would be 1,000 dollar fine or 50 hours of community service

  6. For women who have abortions for the reason of health concerns...rape and such other things... I would say..perhaps..Psychiatric help. And also support group meetings.  Because those women would have a hard enough dealing with all they had to go through...A severe punishment would not be good. They really need care and concern. I really could not see myself hating a woman for having an abortion for health concerns or rape...she may already hate herself enough for it..I DO NOT want to add to that pain.

    For those who have abortions as a means of birth control... A little Jail time to scare them...and also a few classes on learning to respect thier bodies again...a few classes on birth control and such things as that.  Even these kind of women...while they are being irresponsible..they may think having s*x with whoever makes them feel loved..and wanted..even if for a brief moment.  It is sad when women are like this...

    once they realize and come to terms with what they have did..the hardest thing to do..ask the spirit of the child for forgiveness.

    It never hurts to give respect to the dead..even if they never were born.

    Im obviously not for abortion....but im not a bleeding heart either really.

    But I do not think they should be killed over it either if it became illegal.

    Because matter what..It will not stop,

    besides...many ppl have a hard time asking for forgiveness...real true forgiveness..because it makes them realize what they have done...

  7. That video was priceless! Thank you!!

    By the way, in Portugal , still few years ago the woman that performed illegal abortion would get time in jail.

    I think abortion should be legal. What is behind the whole anti abortion movement is a whole religious , ultra right agenda. Scary in this XXI century!

  8. So basically all these people were delusional and thought that if abortions were illegal everyone would just stop having them.

    2-5years protesting and never thought of this WOW.

  9. I can't even begin to answer this question.  I don't feel like I have the authority to decide what happens to anyone who breaks any law.

    I can't even contemplate it and it's not a burden that I am able to bear.  Just the thought of  it makes my heartache.

  10. Abortion is traumatizing enough, no need to punish them.  The pro-life stance is to make abortion illegal, as in take away abortion clinics, not to punish the women who get abortions.

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