Ladies, at what age did you start your period?

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how did you feel? Were you happy, pissed off, sad, etc?

I started mine when I was 11. I was so angry at everybody, especially at my dad when he was all like "congratulations sweetie!" I didn't want congratulations, I wanted to not be bleeding from my v****a. What about you ladies?




  1. I was 11, and I didn't care.  I didn't even tell my mother until 4 days after it happened (she already had pads, so I just used them without her knowing).  I wasn't happy about it because it's a pretty unpleasant experience.

  2. I was 12 and that was almost 37 years ago.

  3. 11 & 1/2. I remember because I was watching TV during winter break & then I had to go to the bathroom & when I wiped myself, I saw it. I was really excited & went to my mom's room & told her, she was really happy for me & then she showed me how to put on a pad (Always!) & how to keep myself clean "down there".

    It was really like a rite of passage, lol.

  4. 13, and I wasn't pissed off or anything. I was glad it happened because I was passing the average age and didn't want to be "weird"

  5. I started at your age as well. My Mom told me the Adam & Eve story then. I was like "WTF! Why did Eve bring this upon us?"

    Yea.....I was pretty normal. Except for that fact that I felt nasty....

  6. I was 11 too, and the overwhelming thought was "god dammit!"

  7. LOL, that's too funny.  I was 11 too.  Yeah, they make a big deal about it ... You're a woman now!  It's really exciting ... for the first hour or two until you realize how much it sucks.

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