What would you do if you were taking a bath, and you have to pee, and the toilet and bath are separated?

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1. pee in the water

2. wait

3. pee in a cup

tell the truth and your age.




  1. Pee in the water. I Love to Pee in the Water. I Love to whip out my Ol'

    Mexican Anaconda and Just pee in the water.

  2. hello!

    hmm. this one is easy.

    im a freak about preserving things, and I would feel pretty bad if I took a bath with a ton of water, then went pee.

    so, I would wait and when I was done with my bath, i would pee in the dirty water then drain it:)

    im 18

  3. um... i would get up, put a towel on and pee lol 19

  4. wait

    im 14

  5. I would take care of my toilet business before I shower(Bathe) 48

  6. I'm 21 and I would just pee in the water and say oh well!

  7. p**s in your bath water

  8. What?

    Is this for research purposes?

    I'd get up and go in the bathroom and pee.

    It's not that big of a deal.

  9. get out of the bath and go to the toilet or wait depending on the urgency ...29

  10. I would get out of the bath and get on the toliet.

  11. haha.

    this is a weird question.

    i'd get out of the bath, walk to the toliet and pee.

    i'm 17

  12. 12 yrs



  13. i would wait

      age 11

  14. i would get out of the bath and go to the toilet!

  15. I'd just get out the bath and go in the toilet. Other wise there is no point in even having a bath, because you'd be bathing in pee :]

  16. Pee in the bath - Urine is not only sterile but is actually stocked full of nutrients that your body didn't end up using.  Urine is probably as good or better for your skin than the soap you use in the bath.  There are still people all over the world who even drink their own urine for health benefits..its called urine therapy.. Look it up!!

  17. i'd get up and go...


  18. I will not disclose my age as it is immaterial to the issue at hand.  The appropriate thing is to urniate into the bath as the urine is sterile (unless the pt. has a UTI), otherwise, it would be more appropriate to hold the urine until such time that one is in the vicinity of the toilet.

  19. maybe GET OUT?

  20. I'm 22, and first of all, I'd know that I had to pee BEFORE I took a bath.  And yes, I'd wait.

  21. Disha

    If you are as pritty as I think you are and you were in my home,

    I would let you hope out of the nice warm bath and walk to the toiet with not even a towel on, in the nude.

    That way you could pee and be happy.


  22. If it was really bad then I would do number 1 but if it wasn't that bad then I would do number 2 but not number 3. and I'm 14 years old.

    answer mine:

  23. well you should definitely not pee while you are in the bath tub i suggest that you should run as fast as you can to the nearest toilet and take care of your business.

  24. What the h**l? If I REALLY needed to go to the bathroom, i'd have gone before I got in the d**n tub! But really, I'd just wait, it isn't that big of a deal.

    Then again I don't take bathes, I probably shouldn't have answered this. Showers are better. Bathes are unsanitary.  

  25. I'd wait until after my bath...I'm 37

    Although I'd never had this problem because I pee before getting in the bath!!

  26. Troll keep strolling by.

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