Why do people only think about women's health but they don't think about men's health?

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more guys die from heart attack(which by the way is deadlier than breast cancer but noone cares for that. why?




  1. Uh... I think there is a magazine called Men's Health.

    They seem to care quite a bit about heart related illness, prostate, osteoporosis, etc...

    Take care,

  2. News flash. Heart disease is also the number one killer of women, as well as men.

    And the answer is that up until very recently, ALL medical research was conducted on men only. Scientists are only just starting to build their data banks full of research on women's health.

    Women have raised money and awareness for research into breast cancer. Want more money for men's health issues? Get cracking and start working.

  3. I care about men's and women's health alike...however, after reading your username, I no longer care for your wellbeing in the least.

    Have a nice day.  

  4. Actually women are just catching up.  For many decades a women's health wasn't taken serious at all by men and doctors allike.  A woman was suppose to keep going and going and going no matter how she felt.  My ex husband used to get so angry if I got sick.  I mean, OMG--who would take care of him!!!  

  5. I would not say that about all men, some of you actually take very good care of yourselves, and are pretty healthy individuals. However, most of my male friends tend to overlook the importance of an annual medical checkup as a prevention of possible future health problems. They need to be encouraged to make an appointment and follow up on it by actually showing up on time to see a family physician. That is why most wives / girlfriends take it upon themselves to make sure man in their life is eating right, exercising and generally leading a healthy life. We do care about our men, because we simply love them.

    One more thing... Stress is number one killer of any human being. And the hate you are expressing toward the women is not doing you personally any favors.

  6. What are you talking about?  Everything is for men if it's not specifically for women.  And by the way, heart attacks can be avoided if someone takes care of themselves, so whose fault is that?

  7. Women are hypocrites and are as selfish and annoying as they claim men are. I believe they are one of the main reasons our society is so consumed with political correctness. We don't want to upset the womenfolk, they might sue... and win.

    And by the way, I like your username, but "feminist" is spelled wrong. Just thought I'd let you know. :)

  8. They do think about men's health- why aren't men more responsible concerning their own health issues?


    No one lives forever- and everyone has a cause of death!

    I think you should be proud-  you just come right out and state how you much of a misogynist you are!

  9. Why do you hate women?

  10. I think you need to do your research buddy. Because both men and women can be affected by both heart disease and breast cancer. Yea, men can fall victim to breast cancer as well. The reason why breast cancer is a major focus for women is for the simple fact that more women are affected by breast cancer then men. Ask yourself, what would you do if you found out your mother, sister; aunt, girlfriend or wife had breast cancer? What would you do if you found out you had it?

    Most the medications that you see being advertised now days are uni-s*x in its treatment of personal health conditions that one may suffer from. So I seriously doubt that the FDA or major pharmaceutical companies are only targeting women. A mans money is just as good as a woman’s when it comes to paying for health care and medical aid. Some other things both men and women can suffer from that are having major campaigns to find cures for are

    1. HIV/AIDs

    2. Cancer (pancreatic, liver, lungs, brain, skin)

    3. Diabetes

    4. Now RLS (restless leg syndrome) is a new item of concern that could also be early signs of strokes and brain tumors.

    5. Insomnia

    6. Altimeters

    7. Hyper Tension (high blood pressure) which can also lead to strokes and heart attacks

    8. Bone Marrow health

    9. Kidney health (transplants and dialysis)

    10. Tumors (malignant and life threaten)

    11. over active bladders

    12. Asthma (new and improved emergency inhalers).

    13. Autism

    14. Spinbifida

    15. Down Syndrome

    16. Certain Allergies to food and pollen

    17. STD’s (syphilis, herpies simplex 2)

    16. Even acne and skin irritations.

    And the list can go on. All these things that are being researched in medical labs across the world daily (around the clock) due to the fact that these illnesses have claimed the lives of many loved ones (male and female). Unlike man, a deadly disease knows no age, s*x, race, or religion. So finding a cure or breakthrough medication for any of these conditions benefits both sexes, all races, and religions. NO ONE is being left out (unless you don’t have the money to pay for medical care, medication, and expenses then that’s another story). With that being said, if it’s anyone being discriminated against, it’s the ones who don’t have the medical benefits or funding to assist with receiving treatment in a time of need. So the next time you see an add on T.V. for a new drug/medication, ask yourself can both sexes us it and be cured from it? It’s not just the health of women that’s important, it’s everyone, because we all have loved one’s of both sexes.

  11. Actually I believe there is a heart and stroke foundation that cares about it. There is also a prostate cancer foundation, and millions of dollars researching hair loss and erectile dysfunction. My father died of a heart attack and likely I will too, so yes, of course I care about it.

  12. I have a husband that I love very much, I have a son that I love very much and I have a father that I love very much.  

    Everyday, I worry about their health.  I worry about their eating and sleeping habits.  I worry that they're working too hard.  And I worry weather they get enough exercise.  I read continually about mens health and try to keep up to date on the latest breakthroughs and concerns.  I do this because I love them and they don't take care of themselves the way they should so I try to take care of them the best that I can.

    Very rarely am I offended by anything that anyone says around here but this is just stupid beyond words!

  13. It's not politically correct.  The squeaky wheel gets the oil first.  Meaning more women lobby for their health issues than men do.  

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