Why do people claim rape so LOOSELY now instead of legitimately?

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situation 1. if the both are drunk and had consentual drunk s*x. why is it ok for her to claim rape?

situation 2. if he talks her into having s*x. why is it ok for her to claim rape? couldnt she have said no?




  1. 1. I agree. I think if both people are equally drunk, both are at fault and one shouldn't be blamed more than the other.

    2. If a guy "talks" her into having s*x (or vice versa) s/he is doing something wrong. It's forced consent to an extent. Or if it is harrassing, it is actually called duress. That does not make it ok.  

  2. In the feminised legal system women are special, they thought chivalry was insulting and now they have all these special laws instead. Why are they not insulted by being treated like children by the legal system?

  3. Uh, WHO is claiming those cases as rape?

    IF she was passed out, then she didn't consent; as described, it isn't rape. But then, I never said it was.

    So what people are these who are claiming those cases to be rape? Or is it that they are disputing YOUR descriptions as accuracy?

  4. It's not okay. The problem is that what is "consensual" gets muddy when there's alcohol or liquor involved. If neither of them even REMEMBER what happened...that's an issue. If EITHER party is too sloppy drunk to know where they are, or even who they're with, that case will almost always end in a non-conviction. There is no evidence.

    In the second case, I know of NO cases that have gone to trial where the "victim" claims she was "talked into it." Do you? Please let us know if this actually occurs, I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

    Rape occurs when s*x is forced, or consent cannot be given. If the person is very drunk, and going in and out of consciousness, that person is too drunk to give consent. OBVIOUSLY. Having s*x with a person who IS, or is nearly, unconscious, is RAPE, because a person is barely aware of what is going on, in that state.

  5. The definition of rape has been expanded to accommodate feminists ideologies and the victim mentality that comes with the movement.  Frankly, I find it not only ridiculous but also very frightening.

    It creates victims where there are none, victimizes the people who are wrongfully accused, takes away from the severity of the crimes and demeans the trauma of people these crimes are committed against.

    Essentially, these crimes are taken LESS seriously by law enforcement, the judicial system and the general public. It renders actual victims powerless and causes them to be looked at with suspicion and disdain.

  6. The definition of rape continues to become ever expanding to the point of being ridiculous; this make it very easy for women to accused men of rape even when it really isn't rape.

  7. not all women do this... many women don't take advantage of the situation to get a person arrested or to sue... many women would have s*x with a man that they're mad at and then claim that they were raped... but the reason why a women has power to do this is because a women would become pregnant not a man... if a condom was not used of course....  

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