Who do you think killed chivalry?

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Who do you think killed chivalry?




  1. time, i mean do we still have knights in shining armor?

    but also femenists, we got equal rights for better or for worse!

  2. Chivalry is dead?!

    Geez, I'd better tell my boyfriend.... or no. I don't think I'll mention it really. He still seems to operate under the assumption that it's alive.

  3. I think that chivalry is more of an ideal society stove for than an actual reality.  Many knights, nobles, etc. did pretty much whatever they wanted when it came to their relationships with women. I'm not saying that no on acted in a chivalrous manner, but it seems to me that it is more the stuff of legends anything else. We most often hear about chivalry in stories passed down from before the early middle ages. There were very few reliable records from this time period, and by the time Middle English Lit. came into being, Arthur and his ilk were just as lost in mists of time as they are now. Every culture has an ideal of behavior between the sexes and between people in general. This isn't a recent invention.  

  4. The Young Punks of todays society, if you dont demand respect, then you dont get it

  5. Chivalrous men get no respect. The word "tool" comes to mind.  

  6. Feminism.

  7. Pretty much that people are to "me" oriented most only care about what they can get and how quick they can get it

  8. the fatta boys did.

  9. It depends on your definition of "chivalry".  To me, chivalry is someone holding a door open for you (as opposed to, say, slamming it on your hand or arm), or being generally polite.  When it gets to the point where one person is being inconvenienced, then it's not really chivalry anymore.  For example, a man giving me a seat on the train is nice, but hardly necessary, or even fair.  We both paid the same fare, so why can't he sit down?  What, my weak woman legs can't support me?

    Another example is the whole "a man must pay on dates" thing.  That's seems unfair to me, and it also implies that women must be bought in order for them to like you.  I believe in either paying for yourself, or taking turns, unless you're seriously courting me or unless you invite me out.

    And, based on your question, I'm guessing the answer you're looking for is "feminists".  I don't believe that at all.  We just don't like it when men try to make women feel obligated to them because they did us a favor.  No, I'm not going to bed with you because you took me to the Russian Tea Room or friggin' Applebees.  I don't owe you anything.

    Also, I find that the women who complain about "chivalry being dead" are the women who get all upset because they (gasp) have to pay for themselves, actually move a box, or because someone didn't hop out of their seat fast enough on the train to give them a seat.  Get over yourselves, ladies.

  10. Some of those hardcore man hating feminist

    If a guy opens a car door for a women on a date some women would find that cute and some would bite their heads off saying just cos she is a women she can open her own door and dosent need a man to help her

    Go figure

  11. Evolution

  12. Me....and you're welcome.

  13. Women who wants equal rights...this is why I do not want to be equal to a man...

  14. the change of times.

  15. The classic definition of chivalry is highly misunderstood. First chivalry in the Ancient Past was reserved for Nobles only and for the Women of Families who were Nobility. Peasant Women got no better treatment. If you are referring to Men being deferential to Women. Opening Doors, treating them with respect it was considered culturally appropriate. Feminists called it condescending, Men thought it expressed appreciation and respect to Women. I actually had Women kick me more than two decades ago when I held a door for them, and was rudely told "I can do it myself".

    Feminists took out their hatred on all Men. Men who did not abuse Women, mistreat them, and treated them respectfully were considered pushovers. Now their is an entitlement attitude in our Women. I am a Woman entitled to special treatment. The latest manifestation is Push Gifts. Gifts given when a Woman gives birth for her pushing your child into the World.

    The standard for a sane life with anyone is simple. Respect, courtesy, reasonable and realistic. If they are not these things, tell them to move on. Feminists Women as a rule are not these things. There are exceptions to every rule. I asked a Marriage Therapist in 2006 who was her bigger problem today Men or Women? And really wanted to know. She said today it is Women. They are not realistic and reasonable.

    Men have come around she says. There are some exceptions of course. It is Women in her Marriage practice who are the most likely to object, refuse to change and will not listen.  

  16. Women who stopped enjoying it and the men who listened to them. (Thanks, everyone!)

  17. woman did it to themselves.. Women wanted equal rights. well chivalry does not come with equal rights.. Hope this helps.

    I found this article.. click the link..

    I also found this article.. see below..

    Feminists or Rude Men: Who Killed Chivalry?

    My Take on Eight Chivalrous Acts

    By Shamontiel, published Jun 07, 2007

    Besides cornbread and the color maroon, there's nothing I love more than to hear someone say to me "You did that by yourself?" I don't know if men (and sometimes women) understand the satisfaction a woman has when she's done something that is considered unusual for a female to do. I come from a family full of independent women, but there a few others sprinkled around who believe that next to breathing, it is absolutely necessary to be married or at least have a continuous boyfriend without fail. And with constantly having a man, some believe that women should not be doing too much physical labor without a man handy to be there. This includes simple things like taking long drives, picking up boxes, getting on public transportation, pumping gas, or going out late at night. I do all of the above and could care less whether there is a guy there to help, minus moving. So if a woman is independent and encourages equal rights, is she an obstacle for chivalry, which pretty much contradicts that theory?

  18. Women's rights killed it. I think men are scared to act in a chivalrous way, because then a woman could claim he was sexist/not treating her with equal rights.  For example, if a man opens a door or hails a cab for a woman, and doesn't do the same for a man, he could be accused of not treating the woman in an equal way.  Sounds dumb, I know, but it has happened.  

  19. I love my chivalrous man.

    It's still alive and well in our relationship.

  20. feminist

  21. The Rooster.

  22. Jackal did

  23. Nasty old feminists.

  24. not me... i hold the door women and i dont take off my pants in public anymore.  

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