Women, answer this for me, please?

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Why, whenever there is threesome and there is 2 women involved, they kiss, fondle, touch, l**k, etc. with the other women, but don't consider themselves bi or g*y. Same thing with dancing. 2 women can grind on each other, dance with each other all night long. Also women comment on another women's sexual parts, and think nothing of it. But if a man stare at a woman's *** too long, he's a pervert. Isn't that more of a perversion than someone *** watching?




  1. Google search "the male gaze".

  2. I wish I hadn't clicked on this

  3. Some studies have suggested that most women have a bisexual arousal pattern - they can be attracted to women and even enjoy s*x with women, even if they identify as straight. I think to actually be bisexual the there needs to be an emotional element involved as well, and the desire for a committed relationship with either gender. Otherwise, the majority of women could be called bisexual.

    Also, bear in mind that some of those women may actually be just putting on a show to attract men, and may not really be interested in other women.

    This is probably one area in which women are more sexually liberated than men. Women can talk more openly about s*x and experiment more, and be seen as empowered for it.

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