Does anyone think it is sexist (or even just plain wierd) ?

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that under Social Science, there is a category called "Gender & Women's Studies". should there be a "Gender & men's Studies" or should it just be Gender studies. Why do women always get special consideration? Why do you never hear a politician talking about "men's issues"?........In short, Why do women get specially consideration in our "equal" society?




  1. Although I agree that they should rename this forum "Gender Studies", I think the reason they call it "Gender & Women's Studies" because there is not a defined curriculum in college called "Men's Studies".

    In other words, they include the term "Women's Studies" to address the issues discussed in the curricula in a "Women's Studies" class.

    I think politicians should discuss "men's issues", i.e., prostate cancer, and the need for more federal funding for this terrible disease.

  2. why don't you like women?  You are mad about the titanic too.

  3. Same here. I always thought it was quite sexist and double standard. Women keep on saying they don't feel equal when in fact they get lots of priviliged treatment. Like courses just based on women or organisations based on them.

    I dont mind such preferntial treatment (i actully support it). But i do hate the fact that women still complain about not being treated well by society,

  4. Thank you "Whatever" It was just a matter of time before someone dropped that tired gem.  At this point they shouldn't.  It's a remnant of affirmative action that hasn't died off yet.  I agree, this section should just be called "Gender Studies," they're are nearly as many men on here as women anyway.


  6. history is mostly about men anyways

  7. Loran, he never even implied that he disliked women. Why would you assume something like that?

    At any rate, you're right, celticchimp. It's a legitimate question that if there would be a section dedicated to one gender, why should there not be one dedicated to the other?

    I think it's overcompensation. Women were left sitting on the floor in the past while the men took the chairs, proverbially speaking. They requested a chair like the men (a legitimate request), and some zealots decided, "Why not give them a throne instead to make up for the time they've spent on the floor?"

    It's not equality that that accomplishes, but simply a false tilting of the balance in the other direction entirely. The pendulum swings back and forth, but it never stops on equality until both sides decide to just forget about the past, ignore their differences and focus on the now.  

  8. I do agree.

    There should be a Gender Studies.  Or a Gender and Mens studies.

  9. Because women are whining about being inequal...and men don't do that so much. And the PC police haven't caught on to the lack of "Men's studies" yet...

  10. It should be re-classified as "Gender & Weak studies" haha.

    jokes apart, yes its very sexist. I think all the men on this forum should sign a petition or something and submit it to yahoo authorities.

  11. What is so interesting about men that's worth studying?

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