What was the role of women during the papacy of Pope Gregory XIII ?

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What was the role of women during the papacy of Pope Gregory XIII ?




  1. Staying at home chilling out while their men doing all the hard work often risking their lives working in dangerous and hostile environment.

  2. I don't know, was he the pope who held orgies and kept the Vatican full of call girls?

  3. I believe it was this pope who had several mistresses and children, so I am guessing women were regarded for bedding.

  4. If you want to know what most women were doing during this period, you could not do better than to read 'The Tudor Housewife' by Alison Sim, which, although it is specifically about English women during this period, probably gives a very good idea of how women were living in the rest of Europe at that time.

    Most people in the sixteenth century lived in the country, an dlived by farming.  The housewife was normally in charge of the dairy and the poultry, made her own butter and cheese, raised the chickens, and sold her surplus produce at market.  she would be responsible for cooking and preparing food, and preserving food for winter, an important task in those days when little fresh food was available in winter time. She would be expected to be the family doctor, and to be able to diagnose and treat a wide range of illnesses (Gregory Markham's book 'The English Housewife', publishe din 1615, gives recipes for cures for over 200 different ailments).

    Most women spent a lot of their time spinning wool or flax into thread to be wove into cloth.  A lot women earned a living by spinning, hence the fact that 'spinster' was still in use as a term for an unmarried woman until quite recently.

    Women who were married to tradesmen or merchants would often be actively involve din the family business, and some women were in business on their own account.  A  notable Italian businesswoman of the era was Benvenida Abranel, a Jewess, who inherited her father's entire estate, and ran his financial business, as well as being a generousn patron of learning.

    There were some notable Italian women writers of the 16th century, like Laura Guidiccioni Lucchesini, a poet, playwright, and producer.  Isabelle Andreini was famous as a comedian, playwright, and poet.

    A notable Italian woman artist of the late 16th century was Sofanisba Anguissola, a portrait painter.  Lavinia Fontana was an extremely succesful and prolific artist with an international reputation. Marietta Robusti was an internationally famous painter in her own time.

    A great singer was Tarquinia Molza.  Maddelana Casulana was a composter, lutist and singer greatly honoured in her own time.

  5. Making sandwich's and serving drinks.

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