Is it disrespectful to m********e over someone dead?

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Is it disrespectful to m********e over someone dead

For example: Anna Nicole Smith porno pics. Would that person care?




  1. lol... well the picture isnt going to mind I suppose. At least it is being put to good use.

  2. Oh, I thought you meant something else... my bad

  3. i dont think they would care

  4. No, it's fine.

  5. It isn't about her death Dude as the item of turn on! It's just a s**y looking picture of a woman that turns your crank a bit!

    Or tempers your iron! Hahaha!

    Don't worry Man, if that part bothers you, just get someone elses nice picture!

    Wishing you best!

    Me! :- )    

  6. Obvious, a dead person will not care, because a person is, well, no longer alive.  Nevertheless, masturbating over someone dead is not in my interest.  I don't know if it is disrespectful but I am not interested.  

  7. no, i think its fine

  8. i dont know man.

  9. i think she would prefer it, actually.

  10. oh whenever i first saw this question i was like...did your girlfriend just die and your doin it right after her funeral or something but

    no it wouldnt matter guys did when they were alive so it doesnt matter now! :P

  11. Only if they are pics of them after they died.

  12. No, her spirit will be pleased people are still getting off to her old body

  13. I really feel sorry for Anna.

    Anna babe, my thoughts are with you.

  14. no it's not disrespectful

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