Okay I need help bad?!?!?!?!?!?

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Okay my gf wants to

makeout and to be honest I have no idea how to and I'm so nervous what do I do how do I do it?!?! I want her to like and what if m ybreath stinks omg I'm scared and we both have braces is this tuna mess anything up can our braces locked what do i do




  1. first of all, your braces will not get stuck because its impossiable, youve just seen those on tv's.

    if your concern about your breath, pop in a mint in your mouth

    and even if you do mess up, laugh it off and so will she so it won't be awkard.

    no need to worry its very simple and gradually you'll get better at it

  2. Calm down just take it easy if she really likes you she won't care if you are good at kissing just take it easy and calm down you got to be self confident.

  3. Listen to Jordan. :) !

    She's got it right for you! Hahahaha!  Brushing your teeth could take some to the stress away too! Just relax, take your time and enjoy.

    At least you have a sense of humor about it! That's the best start Man!

    Me! :- )

  4. There ain't very many instances of locking braces while makin out.  Really you gotta be pretty dumb for that to happen.

    Brush your teeth good beforehand and have some breath mints handy and stinky breath won't be a problem.

    Making out is not just a mechanical motion.  There is emotions to it also.  Maybe lead up to it by some cuddling, stroke her hair, nuzzle her neck...this kinda thing.

    Then when the mood is right (and only when the mood is right) go for the heavy makin out.  You will know when the mood is right by how she acts when you get your face close to hers.  If she leans toward you in expectation then you got the right mood.  If she hesitates or draws away slightly then the mood ain't quite developed yet.

    Once you do touch her lips with yours, then you will automatically know what to do.  You could do some tongue to make it more sensual too...ha ha.

    Relax and enjoy.  

  5. get a condom and start touching her..

  6. As for your braces locking I can't say never had them but for the making out part I have had a great deal of experience. Don't worry about what to do it will come natural to you just don't try to rush. 1. Be easy not hard and fast take your time. Once your lips touch you will see what I mean. Don't jam your tounge down her throat just touch her lips then she will meet yours with her's and you will tenderly carress each other with your tounges then the magic starts. Once you both feel that magic you will know it when you do don't grab her body carress it gently a little at a time. Good luck my friend God Bless.

  7. Chris,

    Just be yourself and don't make this so serious. Its supposed to be fun, not an ordeal to survive, okay?

    Shes going to be just as nervous as you are, so the calmer and more relaxed you are the better she will be too...

    The main advice I can give you is don't push things too hard. There is always another time, and you might not get a chance for next time if you are too aggressive. Be gentle and don't be afraid to let her lead too.

  8. Ok first off what guy says "Omg" that pretty much says it all right there.

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