Men why do some men like big wobbly b***s?

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or any other size small medium or flatchested? I think they are the ugliest weird looking things i have ever seen but why do some men go beserk over them like ive seen on the tv and movies? Is this all put on or are they taking the p**s? I just dont get it?




  1. Well hello... This is just a personal choice.  Bit like why some women prefer long and thin schlongs to short and fat.  Some like texture some like smooth.

    b*****s are always going to be wobbly unless of course they're fake then they will sit upright when lying down.

    You may get turned on by s**y legs where some men think they are just "legs".  It's nothing to be concerned about.  Do you get it?

  2. I don't like them that big! Just enough to be able to satisfy me.  

  3. The bigger the better but I do not like over sized b***s.

  4. Don't talk about them as they are fake usually.

    I will like a little bit more than usual but not to big..

  5. I myself like big real ones. I'm much of a fan of small ones. I don't know why guys like b***s. We just do. I definitely don't like fake ones though.  

  6. What kind of men have you met?

  7. No i dont like too big

  8. Small b*****s can be perky and cute.    Flatchested is not very appealing to most men.    Haven't you seen one of the flatchested women wearing a plunging neckline?     A bony chest isn't all that attractive on a women, it looks silly to me.

    Men generally prefer large b*****s, but I feel that what is more important is the person attached to the b*****s.

  9. Too big of a set of them IMO looks fake and are 9 times out of 10 end up being implants, which arent even real. For me the best kind of

    ( o ) ( o ) are the ones that are slightly over the usual size for the woman's figure. Smaller ones can be attractive too if a lady is really petite and small across all her measurements. For me at least, my choice in women isn't solely based on ( o ) ( o ) size though.  

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