What is up with my beard hairs?! ?

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I keep myself clean shaven but for the past couple of years I have also had what I call "rogue beard hairs". These ones are either super thin, so thin the shaver can't cut them along with the rest, and the other kind I get are super thick, about 4 or 5 times as thick as a regular beard follicle, and sometimes they grow with this waxy sheath around them, and I have to yank this kind out with tweezers since they don't shave away and sometimes they grow out but curve back into my skin and make an incredible boil. What is the matter with my beard hair?? Since I pull out all these problem hairs with tweezers, I would have expected to be over them all, but it seems for however many problem ones I pull out completely, I manage to get an equal amount of new ones the replace the ones that I got rid of. Today at work I got this HUGE lump on the underside of my jaw above my throat, so I took a look at it thinking I got a metal sliver embedded in my skin or the world's quickest zit just formed there, so I squeeze and drain the area, but little happened but then all of the sudden this super thick bearh hair popped out from under my skin and I coaxed most of it out with tweezers but some of it is still left. How do I stop this endless cycle? Is this some condition I should look into?




  1. I'm not sure, but  prob genes i won't say too much, tho.

  2. Sounds like normal beard growth. Pulling out hair does not stop it from growing back.  Also sounds like you use an electric shaver and not a razor; I had many of the same problems when I used an electric shaver for a while-- due to varying thickness of hair, it just would not trim it all off cleanly and caused ingrown hair.    Switch to a triple edge manual razor and that should eliminate much of the problem

  3. One hair follicle produces just more then one hair.That is why your problem continues.But the amount of hairs produced by one follicle is restrained to a certain number.There will be a day ,that you got them all:just keep plucking these fat hairs.but do no break them:they just grow back again.


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