Shaving sensitive areas?

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How do I shave (or rather remove) hair from my testicles and the area around my a**s safely without much discomfort?




  1. wet the area... and use shaving cream and razor... and go slowly

  2. It's fine to use hair removal cream if you don't get a kind that burns.  I have used different kinds and they didn't hurt.  One of them is called magic, it has a black man's head on it because it's normally for black men who want to be bald, kind of a funny experience to use it too.

  3. ha, wax it

  4. Don't wax and don't use hair removal creams.  Both will cause you intense pain and these are mistakes you'd only make once.

    If you really want to shave these areas just be very, very careful and take your time.  

  5. The best advice I can give you is to not use an electrical razor, I did and I got owned because now I have this nasty scar-ish area in my pubic section that after doing research on is going to take a loooong time to get rid of.

    My suggestion, don't worry about having a bald pubic area, (Personally I think the jungle is better when it's during the rainy season and the plants are growing)

    If anything, to avoid 100% discomfort, go with the trusty scissors, they never let you down and they don't cause problems.

  6. wax will hurt like h**l !

    try hair removal cream.

    answer mine please;...

  7. If you do that, Make sure afterwards you put vaseline on it. You can use a little baby oil too. How old are you to be wanting to this. Email

    me and tell me ,OK.

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