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I've had this problem for about 2 years now (i'm still a teenager) where I easily break sweat almost everywhere on my body (even just sitting) The problem is mostly in my underarms and it's not that I sweat TOO much it's just that it happens easily, and what honestly bothers me is that my deodorant sometimes fades after a couple hours and it smells like a faint BO smell mixed in with deodorant(ew I know)This doesn't happen all the time, but it's just random days when my deodorant fails. I've used a few types of deodorants and I found that mitchum smart solid works best but I want some other opinions on what I should do? Any deodorants that people recommend for people that break sweat easily and have that BO problem? Is it just me or do alot of people get slight BO smell even if they wear deodorant. I just hate being sweaty so often. I'm 5'8 and weigh around 150-160 so I don't think being overweight is the problem. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated please!!




  1. I've heard that switching to cotton works because it breathes.  

  2. YES!! - Use "triple dry" by Linden Voss.

    It is a special deodrant that you only put on in the evening before you go to bed. Then you wash it off and use normal deodrant as usual in the morning.


    I promise you it works. I've been using it for 8 years now, and had problems like you do before. Now I never sweat at all.  

  3. get a prescription deoderant

  4. Unforntunately 1 out 4 sweat more than usual (I happen to be one of those!) There is little over the counter you can do... I would suggest the prescription strength deodorant too (usually use at night time) and then wearing a really good cologne!!

    Also wear fabrics that soak up the sweat easily... i can't remember what its called, but i suse it when i go snowboarding so i don't get too cold after I sweat! :)

    You can also wear an UNDER shirt to sock up the sweat so it doesnt get on your outside shirt.

    Hope this helps... :)

  5. Sounds like hyperhidrosis to me.

    Talk to your doc.

  6. Shower to Shower is a really good product. It has cornstarch and controls sweat as well as odor.

  7. it is the problem of hyperhidrosis. I also suffered from it. I consulted doctor but he didnt take me serioiusly and many use to make fun of me. what i could observe is that it is due to anxiety we have in our mind and unavailabilty of confidence. you may rest a lot. use yoga. however this site is really effective.

    i assure you that medication will not help rather more u play and more u rest.

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