Can not masterbating be a bad thing? I heard it can make you last longer in bed.?

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I haven't mastebated in a month and plan on trying to not doing it for a whole year. Can not masterbating be a bad thing? I heard it can make you last longer in bed.




  1. No, m********e all you want, it's good for your health. Seriously . And it's 100% safe also. A man needs to climax every couple of days, it's just natural uman nature.

    Also, if you m********e and *** before sexual intercourse then you will last much longer,t his is what your talking about I believe

    Good luck!

  2. No, it will not make you last longer in bed, quite the opposite.

    As you would have a great deal of sexual tension built up, more than likely you would have an immediate o****m.

    Masturbation is a normal and healthy activity.   It  relieves sexual tension, and helps to keep the prostate healthy and reduces the chance of prostatic cancer in later life.

    When the prostate isn't relieved by a regular sexual outlet, whether through actual s*x, or masturbation, it becomes irritated and inflamed, and years of this will increase the likelihood of prostatitis and cancer.

    You can't get an STD from masturbation, and it can actually help to make you last longer during s*x, as you learn to recognize and control the signs of an impending o****m, and slow down or stop to time your sexual experience and learn to control your body.

    Masturbation usually diminishes or eliminates wet dreams, and personally, I would rather be awake to enjoy the o****m, rather than wake up with messy sheets.     The body will expel excess s***n, sooner or later.

    Good luck to you.

  3. its not a bad thing but it does make u last longer

  4. This is all down to personal libido, some guys have longer staying power than others, and I don't think it makes any difference if you m********e or not, so why deny yourself the pleasure it brings.

  5. its cool to m********e man!! but seriously...

    it is healthy to m********e as it replenishes semin and releases chemicals and all the other good stuff associated with it. but me personally i wouldnt say stop completely (unless your sexually active even if its not often).

    it can and probably will make you last longer but thats not the same with everyone. i have  buddies tell me they do it every other or even every day and they dont last very long at all. me personally i do it once a week to every couple weeks and im good with the whole lasting part.

    my advice to you is maybe get yourself off every couple weeks or once a month to stay on top of both questions.

    unless the one year thing is a personal goal but dude if you can go a month or three without it your fine man

  6. its not a bad thing.

    but i will tell you it did make me last longer my friend told me it did and he was right

  7. first of all why would you stop for a year? its not a bad thing. but i dont think you will last any longer in bed.

  8. no no no no .   first of all . masterbating is healthy for u so u should do it,  ive heard its good for preventing prostate cancer.  all so u should get the old sperm out . if u go longer without jerking then u might *** a little more then other times.  but if u do m*******t. try to take ur time. do it for like 30 mins everytime.   then it ill make ur p***s last longer

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