How to get rid of a erection during class

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i get them and dont know how to get rid of them, they come out of no where, please tell me how to get rid of them or maybe to stop getting them




  1. dude trust me, this happens to every guy everywhere! what always helped me was, being sorta sneaky, all you gotta do is when you have a stiffy is be sneaky in lifting it up ward towards your chest so that the elastic strap on ur boxers or briefs holds it firmly in place, and it is impossible to tell that you are hard, and trust me you lose the hard on in a few moments after that.

  2. just give it small slaps and it will become soft

  3. dude your lucky you can get them im having truoble getting them i think i have E.D and im 16

  4. Realistically, there's nothing you can do to stop them. But it's common...and I bet every other guy in the class has the same problem. Sometimes it's a visual - beautiful girl passes you in the hallway. Other times it's just the nature of the beast and there is no rhyme or reason.

    Looser clothing is best for hiding it.

    Nothing to be ashamed of. But embarrassing nonetheless.  

  5. Think of something repulsive or scary. Think about your balls hanging from a rusty fish hook, your dong running through a Black & Decker grinder while you watch as the blades shred your precious "jewels" to a meaty pulp, or popping a few massive p***y oily zits off your p****r. These are just ideas, but it seems that usually a visual of your shlong in mortal danger mostly does the trick. All this talk makes me hungry for a hero sandwich.

  6. It's part of growing up. You can't stop it but you should always carry a binder with you at school to cover it up. You should also wear loose pants or shirts that hang low enough to cover the bulge. All guys go through this so, hang in there, no pun intended.......... ;)

  7. just thing of things like cat and dogs and it will go away or wear tighter underwear and it'll appear normal  

  8. Haven't you seen superbad? Jus flip ur d**k up so that its right where your waste is so that your pants/jeans hold it up. :)

  9. Okay so you can't really stop getting them but once you have them there are some things you can do to hide them. if you wear tighter undergarments and baggier pants it is less noticeable. Also you can put "it" straight up between your stomach and pants waistline. It may feel a little awkward but it does make it less noticeable. And if you want the old fashion way, you can think of the most unattractive hideous thing to turn you off. Hope that helped

  10. tuck it behind your waistband or wear a big sweater.

  11. I've had that problem too. There's no special way to stop it, except try not think about sexual things.

  12. The same used to happen to me (although not frequently), and it would be embarrassing if I had to stand up with a bulge in my pants. So, I have a way that can work for you.

    First of all, an erect p***s requires blood; ergo, if you can figure out how to get that blood into your muscles, your body will prioritize and ration that blood from the p***s elsewhere.

    How is that accomplished? Flex ALL of your muscles with intensity (and I mean vehement intensity)--but also, don't try to look crazy or start shaking from the tension (trust me you can pull it off). After flexing for about 30 seconds, you should notice your p***s wilting.

    Remember, flex every muscle you can control--legs, buttox, abs, biceps, etc.

    It works... It just requires some effort. Make sure you do this 1 minute before you have to stand up or do something to give yourself enough time.

    Good luck

    also, if it happens very frequently, wear jeans--never soft polyester or flexible fabrics.

  13. On my more evil incantation I would suggest wanking under the desk... but I'm a reformed troll!

    There is no cure for this. During puberty random erections are a natural and embarrassing phenominon. Wear loose shirts and jackets and tight underwear to try to hide that thing.

  14. Put ur hand in ur pocket?

  15. dont worry it happens to everyone

  16. thats gross that you get them in class for no reason. maybe pay attention to your work a little better! if not then just think about something that totally turns you off.

  17. You ain't alone dude.  I got to be a expert at hidin that c**p man.

    You wear long tshirts that hang down past your waist for one thing.

    You wear loose pants that minimise how much it shows.

    And for times you gotta stand up I tied a hoody around my waist by the sleeves to keep stiffys from showin.

    And nothin is gonna stop em.  I'm at university now and it's still just as bad as when I was 15yo.

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