How can I clean off the white stuff on my tongue?

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I've used a tongue scrapper, but it always come back!!

Is there anything I can take that'll get rid of it. (Perferably something cheap, and nothing I have to order by phone)




  1. i use a bottle cap, and just use the edge to scrape it off my tongue in the morning.

    it always come back the next morning, or even just later in the day. it smells like sht

  2. Maybe it's a sign of lack of vitamins or just bacteria.

    Try brushing your tongue when you're brushing your teeth and drink more water.

    hope this helps!

  3. It is impossible to get rid of it. 70% of mouth bacteria lives on the tongue. These microorganisms colonize and multiply on the protein in your mouth each day. It's like saying "I washed my hands, but now they're dirty again. How can I stop them from ever getting dirty?"

    If your tongue usually looks white, then use your tongue scraper every time before you brush. Eventually your tongue will have a less noticeable amount accumulated.

  4. I got the same problem man, I have no idea what to do.

  5. mouthwash

  6. Just brush your teeth like 3 times a day and use the tongue cleaner thing also. You should also use listerine, trust me,that stuff , along with brushing at least 2 times a day works!

  7. Orbit Gum can clean a dirty mouth

  8. Spit, don't swallow.

  9. its called brush your teeth // && TONGUE.

    for atleast 2 minutes morning & night. every day.

  10. Your mouth is an ideal environment for growing all sorts of bacteria. You are not brushing your teeth very well or frequently enough. You are growing a bacteria colony in the spaces between the tastebuds. There are two conditions which promote this kind of growth, illness or lack of care. You should be brushing your tongue as well. Most people brush 5 or more times a day, upon waking, after each of 3 meals and then finally, before retiring for the night.  

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