Im 14 and still havent gone through puberty

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I have no hair anywhere(except my head of course).How long will it take?Im going into highschool,and kinda lookin to get laid.How much longer?




  1. We cannot tell ya how much longer because that depends on you. There is nothing you can really do but wait. I personally started at around 12. It will come, just be patient.

  2. Don't be a pig and go "lookin to get laid", first of all

  3. dude relax.  seriously, nobody cares if you have hair anywhere but your scalp.  your not gonna get laid anyways.....

  4. b happy u dont have to shave and to spend time and money on those shaving stufff.. well ur gonna b like 15-16 its gonna start dont worry u didnt miss out anything

  5. rofl hahahahahaa omfg i just laughed so hard  but dont worry some people just dont grow p***s hair jk hahahhahahaahah

  6. hair is not  required to be an adult and on the contrary its better not to have it .don't worry but about your p***s massage it all the time and drink protein shakes and massage it again  

  7. Lol, dude consider yourself lucky, girls don't like hairy guys.

  8. First of all, some guys start LATE.

    And second, you are SOO too young to get "laid".

  9. haha young grasshopper you will find out its good not to have a bunch hair. lots of women like stuff cleans and nice.  it will happen when it happens.


  10. If you get laid before your 18, you will be a s*x ofender, Cant get a job, go in a public place, or get a girl.Sorry dude. ( if you get caught.)

  11. as for having s*x....that is anyone's guess

    as for when puberty will kick in, that's bound to happen sooner or later

    there is nothing you can do to rush the situation

    but there are other signs of puberty other than just the hair

    has your voice started changing or cracking?

    does your body seem to be different in any way?

    do you sweat more?

    do your armpits and feet smell worse than before?

    do you get erections when thinking of sexual things? (not just the ones that happen during sleep or first thing in the morning)

    puberty has tons of things so don't worry it might have already started, just no hair yet

  12. um bahahahahahahahahahahahaha  

  13. dude you cant get laid till your 16 any way... but i'm sure by the time your that age you'll be in puberty... but if your worried about it... odds are you wont get laid :) no fence


  14. okay, first off, 14 is a little young to be getting laid. Trust, me i know for a fact, I was 13 when i lost my virginity, and it caused a lot of problems throughout junior high. I know what you hear and see on TV, but most kids don't lose their virginity till around 16-19 yrs old.

    As for the puberty issue, i'm not an expert, but it does take longer in some guys then others. h**l, i'm went through puberty pretty early, (when i was 11-12 yrs old), but I'm 19 now, and I still can't grow and good amount of facial hair. It may take a while to get started, but it'll happen soon.

    And seriously, wait off on girls for a while, most girls who are willing to do a 14 yr old guy are likely to no be the ones you want to have s*x with. Losing you virginity should be a special experience, not some drunken groping at a party. Find a girl you really like, and then when both of you are ready, do your thing. You won't regret waiting.

    And don't listen to the other guys, despite all their stories, most of them haven't gotten laid either, they're just trying to be cool. I was the same way when i was younger, lying my *** off to fit in. Just take some time and have fun being a kid, before all the drama of high-school gets in the way of that.


  15. lolol..

    youre undergoing

    puberty actually

    but you just thought

    you arent..

  16. supermodels and lots of hot actors don't have like any hair. but then again they usually have a big junk.

  17. Dude calm down. Everyone will go through puberty at some time in their life, just at different times although urs will be here soon. And you are way too young to be having s*x. I learned that from personal experience bro.

    And about the small p***s - trust me dude girls don't give a **** how big it is, only if you know how to use it right so stop worrying!!!  

  18. Lol.. getting laid = big p***s, not small p***s..


  19. You're normal. Usually guys start puberty at 15. My brother started at 15 and he's now 17. He doesn't like to shave. Consider yourself lucky. You don't want to look like a ware wolf too soon. lol

  20. Consider yourself lucky! i'm 15 and i have hair EVERYWHERE!! i also just started's not fun. Enjoy your hairless years!!  

  21. Puberty comes at different times for different people. Everyones different, and your time will come, eventually. Your not the only one wanting to start puberty, so don't feel embarrassed by it.

    Maybe, your starting puberty late as it could be in your genes, if you want to know approximately when you'll start, ask your dad when he started. This might not give you the approximate age, but it might help.

    But again, don't be embarrassed by it, there is a huge range of ages to sstart puberty, your time will come.



  22. Eggs get laid.

    14 year old boys m********e.

  23. k well 1st of all....

    im 15 almost 16 and havent started my period. and you souldnt be worried. so dont stess over it. if your really worried, go to the doctor and the will ALL say the same thing. give your body time. your not the only one out there.  



  25. calms I am adolescent and I was anxious and later I saw that it was not everything that I imagined....  

    actually they began getting mixed up, you will understand, when has your hair....  

    but I am Brazilian and I live in the brasil....  

    if you have messenger me add:  

    I don't know how to speak English very well but I get to talk....  


    NO STRESS!  

  26. boys may start puberty as early as 9 or 10 and as late as 15 or 16 but i think your a bit early to have s*x now. I think you should wait.

  27. sometimes it takes time and then it happens in one shot

    im sure your gonna hit it soon

    dont worry, your time will come

  28. Your only 14 your probably a late bloomer and that's very normal. Just cuz   ur going to high school doesnt mean your all grown up..your going to be in  9th grade girls at that time dont focus in hairs and doing it..thats later when were all grown up like junior year lol and no senior or junior is gonna want to do you your freshman year haha. so give it a while...u cant rush these things

  29. Yours will grow.

    How big you will get depends on testosterone levels. The higher the more it grows. For example. Boys with micropenia (very small p***s) are treated by putting testosterone cream on the p***s or by injections. Do not do this without a doctor. The best thing is to eat healthy. Fruit and veggies. Pumpkin seed and Pistachios as well as other things raise testosterone levels.

    Easy on the sweets. No smoking! How big you get pepends on how big your father and your mothers father is. That is the genetics that controls how high your testosterone level will get

  30. You might still have a couple years, normally happens before 16-17. What's the rush? I know what it's like but if you are really maturing you should realize that looking to get laid really isn't the best way to think. Find someone you really like being with and have fun. Be patient, you have a lot of time.  

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