I m 14 an goiong threw puberty?

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i am 13 going threw puberty i am new to masturbating when i a lot it starts to hurt am i the only one




  1. no man if ur new to masturbating it means your p***s isn't new to the friction part of masturbating, just keep on doing it and it should get better, but if it hurts to much, use lube basically, less friction and it feels great

  2. no, me too.

  3. Are you 13 or 14 ?? lol

  4. no of course not it happens to all of us ur just human dont worry kiddo

  5. That is uncommon.  You may be gripping it too tight. Stop clutching it quite as tightly, if you are uncut (if you have skin covering the top of your p***s when its limp) try using that like a sleeve and moving it up and down over the top and down the shaft.  If you do not, try using lube.  I think the pain will go away.

    It is also possible that you are getting close to o****m, at which time it feels very intense, and you are stopping there, if you are, once you finish once, you will be fine.

    kindest thoughts,


  6. nope, its pretty normal, but dont do it often because if you jack off more than 10 times a week you will never get laid!!!

  7. Where are you going to throw it?

  8. Dont do it if it hurts

  9. this is normal you will be fine.  MY question to you, are you 13 or 14 or did you forget how old you are?


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