Cut in testicles during shaving??????

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10 mins ago i was jaing my teticles with a scissor ( just removing some heir) anway i accidentaly had a small cut it bleeds so little ..

is that dangerous... should i worry.... ??

should i put anything for this cut to prevent infection???




  1. not really umm were briefs because they are tighter and will hold it more still and prevent bacteria from getting in

  2. Go with the Neosporin and keep it clean.  By tomorrow you'll hardly notice that you did this.  There's no need to go to the doctor if you're not bleeding profusely.  This very common when you first try something like this. Be patient and be careful.

  3. apply some Oil of Organo to prevent infection.

    Neat oil of Lavender to stop the bleeding.

  4. Neosporin can help.

  5. You should go straight away to the hospital, tell them to have a look. Man I would hate to be in your shoes...err undrerwear

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