I am 14 going threw puberty?

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i am 14 and i m not sure when puberty ends i have pubic hair and i have started to make sperm but i have not had wet dream and i am not sure if balls have dropped who can you tell




  1. you may never have a wet dream not everyone does but you should be aware that your s*****m in hanging lower and your testes are lower in your s*****m and basically clear of the body and that's how

  2. Wow I didn't need to know... I mean I'm a 13 year old and thats way to much info!

  3. Hey mate.  You wont be fully sexually matured til your around 18 years old. Still a bit of growing to do yet. Dont stress, let nature take its course. Heres a little bit of a fact for you too- you've been making sperm since you were born! Cool huh.

    Take care

  4. make sperm is normal, because you have 14 years of age, if you do not know the make sperm, you can refer to the information.

  5. You are going threw a stage in your life. That your going threw puberty.

  6. Puberty is when your body changes from a child to an adult. Boys start puberty around 10 or 12 years old, but it can happen earlier or later.

    What happens?

    The first sign for most boys is that their testicles get bigger and within

    about a year their p***s will start to grow larger.

    Their body will start producing more s*x hormones, so they have more sexual feelings and more erections. Stiffies can appear when they're not even aroused (turned on), and sometimes at the most awkward moments. This can be embarrassing, but usually no one notices.

    Boys also begin producing sperm, which means they'll be able to ejaculate. Sometimes they can ejaculate in their sleep - this is a wet dream.

    Hairs crop up all over the place - especially on their armpits, legs, arms and around the p***s. Their face will get hairier and they might grow hairs on their chest too.

    Their whole body grows bigger and more muscular. The arms and legs usually grow first, which can feel weird to them, but the rest of their body will catch up.

    Their voice will start to sound lower. The tone might wobble, crackle or be difficult to control at first - this is what people mean when they talk about boys' voices breaking.

    The extra hormones will make their skin get more oily, so they might get acne and sweat more too.

    Some boys get a swelling underneath their nipples, which can look like the start of b*****s - they shouldn't panic though, they're not, and it's only temporary.

  7. your always making sperm, semenal fluid is what a wet dream is, you wont have wet dreams if your a normal 14 y/o and masturbating as often as i did anyway ;-)

  8. ... your balls drop when you're like 3 or something.  and maybe like 16 or something.  ionno, it's not that big a deal

  9. good for you!

  10. if you can feel em they dropped. you are a member of the man club now son

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