For 14 am i really late in puberty?

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1. im 5'3 only 83 pounds, no hair under my arms, little pubic hairs, not a deep voice and a 4 in p***s erect. i dont ejaculate anything.

2.also how long do you think it will take to like grow pubes and a bigger wang because my friends always brag.

3. finally is it bad to m********e before i can ejaculate




  1. Puberty for young men normally takes place from age 13 to 19.  The process can begin at any time during this period, this is determined by your genetics.   Ask your dad  or older brother when they  started through puberty as you will probably emulate the same development pattern.

    Remember, young guys always like to brag about their proportions but if the truth was known, most are just bragging.

    Good luck and just enjoy your teen age years.  

  2. Your maybe a little behind, but some people are late bloomers, don't worry!!

  3. im 15 and i have all pubic hairs and a 5.8 inch in erect. but im still growing, so u will too ur only 14. simple logic!

  4. 1)Nah don't worry mate, alot of people don't start that early. Sure it's more common for guys to start at around 10/11/12 but I think it can go all the way to 18 or something. You'll be speaking like barry white in no time....although he's dead now...but you know what I mean.

    2)If your friends brag about having big *****.....they have tiny *****.

    3)Yeah sure, but don't do it too much or you'll go blind.

  5. If you are taking adhd meds or anti depressants they can slow down your growth progress. Stop worrying you will get there.

  6. 1) Don't worry about it.

    2) When you get a gf you'll be shaving them anyway, at least this saves you time, and it will grow just wait.

    3) and no it's not bad you just don't get the mess. (which isn't a bad thing)

    Dude don't worry about it. It will happen.  

  7. At fourteen, I wouldn't listen to your friends brag about their p***s size.  Let me guess, they say they have seven inchers, or "big trees" as some kids say.  Yeah.  Right.  Kids your age like to brag, or at least some of them do.  You probably won't get underarm hair until about sixteen, pubes later in your fouteenth year, your voice will get deeper gradually, and your p***s will probably grow.  I would personally say you're the right size for a fourteen year old.  I was only four and three fourths at the end of my fifteenth year.  I wouldn't think it would be bad to m********e before you can ejaculate.  Masurbation does not imply that you are going to ejaculate.  Masturbation, I believe, is defined as the stimulation of the genitals, so by that definition, when little five year olds play with themselves (other answerers, don't freak out because you know kids DO do that, we were children once, plus doctors reference it in articles, look it up) that is called masturbation.  So I don't think it will hurt you.  I hope this helps!

  8. 1. your size, etc are normal for your age

    your p***s is a nice size erect

    not ejaculating is OK at 14, it just means your testes have not started making sperm yet, you will soon since you have some pubic hair

    2. puberty is weird, all boys develop at different rates, your p***s and s*****m as well as pubes will get bigger, and you will be the same as your friends

    3 masturbating is nor bad, it is normal and healthy

    you will have dry orgasms until you start to ejaculate,

    they feel very good

    so have fun

  9. Not at all. You can start it any time etween 11-17 Don't worry about it!

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