How do you force the last piece of your p**p out

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in the toilet, I dont want to sit on it for 2 hours, or use 6 rolls of toiletpaper




  1. How do you know what your last piece is?   I guess it depends on how close you are to kicking the bucket.

  2. Maybe rub your stomach a little bit to help the bowel movement, and then push a little bit harder, although, not too hard.  That should do the trick.  If not, you may be bound up [constipated].

  3. get a shovel

  4. push like you're delivering ;)

  5. Hahahaha.. sorry but I had to laugh.

    Um, poke your finger in your a**s and poke it out?!! Besides, when you get up your anal sphincter closes and so do your bum cheeks. Your last piece won't be coming out any time soon..


  6. Eat more fiber and drink plenty of water.

  7. try drinking a lot of water. consume fibers. you can also try to drink some warm water right in the morning even hot coffee helps. it make you take a dump easily . rubbing your belly and lower back also helps.

  8. Are you sitting on the toilet with your laptop or something?

  9. try gently rubbing your back (lower back right about where your a** starts while you are on the toilet and also rub your stomach to shake up your intestines.  If this doesn't' work try taking a stool softener, it's not a laxative, it's just eases out your p**p so you won't strain yourself as you are currently doing.  

  10. lol sit up straight and pull your cheeks out

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