Pei Tty, Eei h*i vow to have a great run in their last outing – Badminton News

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Pei Tty, Eei h*i vow to have a great run in their last outing – Badminton News
Women’s Doubles experts of Malaysia Wong Pei Tty and Chin Eei h*i are likely to hang up their rackets in couple of weeks so they are determined to have a great run in Malaysia Open GP Gold, starting from May 2, 2012.
Pei Tty-Eei h*i have been struggling to find their past glory for last few months as both ladies could not revive their old chemistry in a series of international events like Australia Open, Badminton Asia Championships and India Open.
Now, after this long streak of failures they have announced that they will bid adieu to the arena in near future and Malaysia Open could be their last home event.  
The veteran Women’s Doubles expert Pei Tty confirmed the news and stated that they will put their best to please their supporters in Bandaraya Stadium.
She said, “This could be our last tournament in front of the Malaysian fans. We want to enjoy our game and give the fans a treat for the support they’ve given us all these years.”
Their recent failures also buried their hopes for an Olympic berth as they had to maintain their World Number 16 position during Olympic qualification period but now they will slide down in final May 3 rankings.
The Malaysian couple parted in 2010 after Pei Tty’s knee injury but the partnership recommenced after eight months and they made into top 20 teams of the world.
However, Pei Tty was frustrated that they could not reserve their spot in the 2012 London Olympics and frittered away their efforts of past one year.
She said, “I feel like giving up right now as I have nothing more to look forward to. All the sacrifices would have been worth it if we had made it to the Olympics.”
The 30-year-old Pei Tty also added that they are ready to offer their services as coach and they will discuss it with national body after the retirement.
Their retirement will be an end of a wonderful decade as the female duo raised national flag across the globe throughout the career.
They proved their mettle in Commonwealth Games, SEA Games and Super Series Masters Finals, where they bagged gold medals.
Moreover, they also clinched two international titles, Indonesia Open and Denmark Open and now the twosome of Pei Tty and Eei h*i is determined to say goodbye in a style by winning Malaysia Open 2012.



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