p**p Everybody poops (Not Big Poops Though) p**p?

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I'm 14 and all my "poops"are huge... don't want to go into allot of detail but they are usually like a foot long and 2 inches around... the biggest "poops" I've ever seen and its ever sing time too... Wtf?




  1. ROFL.

  2. ...

  3. wow. you, sir, are the epitome of the saying "all that comes out of you is p**p".  

  4. what are you eating???!!!! lmao

  5. Maybe you should eat less.

  6. I p**p big and often. Be glad they are solid and not liquid poops.

    I think this means you are healthy.

  7. um ewwww

  8. I'm jealous, my poops are small!

  9. i wish there were more questions like these around here

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