Overactive Sweat Glands Underarms?

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I'm 16 (Male) (semi Late Bloomer) and I have over active sweat glands under my arms. It could be 60 degreese F and me be doing nothing, and i'll still sweat. I am using some 10 Dollar per like 16 oz of Deorderant from GILLETE.. the non perscription extra wetness protection. and I still sweat like crazy. I'm thinking maybe its because i have unshaven armpits, if I shaved the hair. More of the deorderant could reach the skin, insted of getting caught in the hair. Or will that not help? Should I seek medical help with this problem? Or what?




  1. I would see a doctor.  It's nothing serious; however, he may be able to pinpoint what is goin on.

  2. I had that problem for years and my doctor gave me Aluminum Chloride, it's prescription strength and you put it on for three days, initially, then you use it once a month after that... After those three days underarm wetness is no more.  

  3. use the prescription strength

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