Feels like bladder isn't emptied after just urinating.

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Well, every time i go toilet i'll pee, and then when I'm finished it'll still feel like my bladder isn't emptied and when i try to go toilet again nothing comes out i've been doctors and he said there's nothing wrong but i know there is what can i do? i'm going back to the doctors next week but seeing a different doctor hopefully he can help me, what do you think it is? it could be either UTI or enlarged prostate 'cos those are the signs but i'm only 15 help!




  1. I feel like that sometimes too, but that's only if the pee's really yellow or if I'm peeing after a LONG time- when my bladder feels as though it's about to explode.  

  2. Can't be an enlarged prostate,but a UTI or bladder infection.

    Have the other Dr check for that.


  3. it could be a bladder infection witch can be treated by antibiotics.

    it could be an enlarged prostate as inability to empty the bladder is a known symptom.

    other sympoms are Fever


    Low back pain

    Abdominal pain (above the pubic bone)

    Perineal pain (pelvic floor)

    Pain and burning with urination (dysuria)

    Urinary retention (inability to completely empty bladder)

    Pain with ejaculation

    Pain with bowel movement

    Additional symptoms that may be associated with this condition:

    Blood in the urine

    Increased urinary frequency or urgency

    Difficulty urinating

    Decreased force of urinary stream

    t******e pain

    Blood in the s***n

    Foul-smelling urine

    next time you go to the doc say if you have any of thease symptoms and even if you dont you could ask for a prostate exam just to be safe.

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