Lumps on both testicles

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Hi, i'm 15 and recently noticed i have four lumps on my testicles. There are two on the top in the same place. They are roughly the same size and shape and feel like thin, soft lumps. The other two lumps are on the bottom and are also both the same size and shape however they are different to the top ones in that they are flatter and feel more like a clump of veins whereas the top ones are solid. Are these anything to worry about. I went to the doctor recently about a lump i found under one nipple which turned out to be a hormone lump from puberty so i don't want the doctor to think I'm paranoid if i go again.




  1. IF i was you i would contact your family Doctor because you never know this could be extremely serious and talk to your parents

  2. pic?

    sounds perverted but i have no idea what you mean!

  3. See your doctor.

  4. go see doc..... don't worry what you think he thinks.... he see lots worse and a lot more silly... gooooooooo tooooooo doc

  5. well there are 2 possibilities

    one is ok

    and the other means ur in serious trouble

    the thing is

    that there are things connecting the top of the balls to a system which stores and will ejaculate sperm and everyone has these but as i dont know exactly where the lumps are i wouldnt assume theyre safe and i think if it was normal thered be 2 lumps and not 4 but im not sure but as u said they are at the bottom thats what scares me cuz tjhere arent supposed to be any at the bottom i dont mean to scare u but u most likely may have cancer so i suggest u visit a doctor and make sure everything is ok just to be on the safe side


  6. dude those can be signs of testicular cancer.

    i jst got my physical a couple days ago and he said that if we have lumps we have to go to the doctors immediately to check that out.

  7. Its sounds like you could have some  Epididymal cysts,i am not a doctor but i have experience of my own in dealing with unusual lumps on my testes.You say the lumps are soft and smooth and feel like a clump of veins.this is very similar to mine.Go to see your doctor and tell him what you have found.

    I was refered to hospital to have an ultrasound scan performed.(a harmless procedure and like pregnant women have to observe un born babies).

    I was told that these lumps are very common and that up 5 in 10 men have them.

    Its important to constantly check your testicles for anything that you do not recognise.once in 2 weeks should do the trick.

    You are not paranoid,just sensible for checking and finding these lumps.check this link for more info on your testes and how the Epididymis works.

  8. Go back to the Doctors.

  9. I'm female so don't have any personal knowledge but also think this is potentially serious. However this could be normal blood vessels to you testicals that have got bigger as you mature.

    Go to the doctor or have a chat to your dad ask if he has them.  Unfortunately if they are normal you might be more phycially mature than your friends so they may not have them yet.

    Any lump unless checked by a doctor should be treated as a suspected cancer.  Even though I'm sure you are fine and it is possibly a normal change of the blood vessels going to your testicals it's better to speak to the doctor and get them checked out just to be save.  It is possible for young people to get cancer and when they do the cancer normal spreads fast.

  10. GET TO THE DOCTOR NOW STOP WORRYING ABOUT BEING PARANOID,this is something that should be checked out NOW not later,and by a qulified person not  on the internet

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