Would this be too much to bear?

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My dad is smelly. Whenever I go into a room, where he has been, it usually stinks to high heaven of either his farts, or sweat, or just general body odour. I've tried to put up with it, but it's getting hard to see past it. I've tried spraying cheap perfume over the smell, but this smell is just as bad.




  1. Maybe you should gently break it to him that he smells. It might hurt his feelings a little bit, but if you stunk so bad someone dreaded going into the same room as you, wouldn't you want to be told so you can do something about it? Because you are probably not the only one who has noticed it and I'm sure he would appreciate a heads up. I know I would. (he probably can't do anything about the gas...but he could shower and put on some deodorant or something)

  2. Yes, that would be too much to bear

  3. Get some sort of air freshener and keep it handy.  I know you don't want to risk hurting his feelings by telling him that he had a nasty odor that trails him where ever he goes.  

  4. Have your mom, your dad's gf or whoever to tell him "I bought this for you, please try it! It made me think or you" something like that. Your dad will more then likely wear it. Warning though, it worked with my freind, but he wore so much axe I couldn't stand to be around him then!

  5. call the fire department and have them hose him down.

  6. Perhaps his diet is affecting him or an illness. I would recommend he see a doctor to find out if there is a cause for his stench.

    Is he not showering daily? He could be depressed which can lead people to stop taking care of themselves.

  7. buy him a deodorant pack for his bday and when he opens it laugh and say "dad, with the way you smell, and with your farts, you better use alot of that!" do it jokingly..but with no bite in it :)

    if he doesnt get the hint..tell him outright that he smells..he needs a shower.

    sometimes it takes those we love to tell us the harshest things.

  8. Put one of of those car air fresheners around his neck. Just kidding. Just tell him straight"dad you are really stinking up where ever you go, do you mind putting on some deodorant.

  9. Can't you give him a surprise gift?

    A good shower gel a matching deodorant or anti perspirant?

    And ask him to f**t some where else,because you live in the same house too.

    I personally would just tell him:it is disgusting.

    I am sorry for you.


  10. eww. u should try telling him about it nicely

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