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condom to wear to give the feeling that you feel without one on. My GF wants me to wear one, but my former GF I did not have to and a condom does not let all the natural feeling through.




  1. It's different with all guys. Try a few different types out and see how it feels.

  2. most are good just stay away from trogan. oh and if you wanna pay about 8 dollars for some great s*x get the vibrating ring though :P

  3. a thin condom ribbed,  i prefer durex brand.  try the play pack by durex.  

  4. you should try the ultra thin condoms by Trojan!!! My boyfriend and i use them all the time they're great and affordable they're like 6 bucks for 12. It feels like there is no condom even on. Your girlfriend will love them! The other condoms we've tried are thick like the play pack. If you want to get as close as no condom go with the ultra thin by Trojan. trust me your girlfriend will love you for it!!

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