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Hi my name is Arnold i have been having problems for a bout a year now i have gastric difficulties i keep pooing myself and last week my left finger fell off. What do these symptom's mean has anyone else encored these problems ?




  1. your finger probably fell off cos it was so far up your own a** mate!

  2. Eat some more iron and maybe you should ask your Mom if she ever pottytrained you. Your medulla oblongata should recognize the difference between having to go to the toilet and not. Fingers don't just fall off unless you put them in ice long enough to get gangrene to the point where you have to get them amputated so the virus won't eat your whole body off.

  3. Sleep it off you p***y.

  4. See your GP to check out your mental health.

  5. ok ya, these are symtoms of a freak! lmao

  6. You stand the chance of having your account suspended if you are reported for abuse.  And you are abusing the group.

  7. Sounds like a smelly story! lol

  8. I seriously recommend you get a life!

  9. your sick

  10. Can you stop misusing this for jokes please?

    Not in the mood for bull like this.


  11. yes everyone has these problems, just use that pixie dust thing to grow back your finger then get some nappies...easy!

  12. go away

  13. ............. it means you should use toilet paper to wipe with and your finger fell off in protest of being used as a substitute.......


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