How long do Volley ball try outs last?

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My daughter went to try outs at 1:30pm we are going out for dinner at 5:30pm,do you think she'll be out by or before then?




  1. yeah! like it lasts 2 hours!

  2. depends on what pregoram she is in. junioe olympics usually takes a few days, and schools such as mine is one whole day. She should be done before that, but if she isnt dont pull her out because that would look really bad for her status.

  3. It depends on whether she is in high school, middle, or a club. I am in the middle of volleyball try-outs for my high school, and they started monday. They last all day and we have an hour for lunch. Most high schools take a few days because there are many phases, like speed and agility, and then the basics, and then maybe a game setting. I have one more day of try-outs, and we will find out who made the team tomorrow...most likely if your daughter's try-outs started at 1:30, then by 5:30 she should be out.

    Hope this helped!!!


  4. it depends on the school or club

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