Chong Wei hopes to make last Olympic outing memorable – Badminton News

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Chong Wei hopes to make last Olympic outing memorable – Badminton News
Malaysia’s badminton maestro Lee Chong Wei is in high spirits to overcome all his fears and vowed to fetch the best out of London Olympics, starting from July 28, 2012.
World Number two shuttler looked determined to make memorable comeback by utilising his valuable past experience in the game.
Chong Wei cherished the fond memories of England where he reached the finals of World Championships and also won the World’s oldest badminton event, All-England Open.
Though, he also remembers few painful memories but hoped that upcoming London Games will bring only good things for him.
He said, “I like England. I have actually done quite well there although there have been some agonising moments as well. I hope to do well once again.”
However, England was the country where the Malaysian ace suffered a shoulder injury this year in final match of All-England Open which kept him off the court for a considerable time.
Later, this ill-fate haunted him in 2012 Thomas Cup Finals as he hurt his ankle and remained absent from a couple of crucial tournaments before the mega event.
Now Chong Wei is trying hard to regain his lost fitness but admitted he is not mentally strong yet.
He stated that fear of injury prevents him from putting extra effort but hoped that he will overcome all these phobias.
He said, “I feel good but the fear of injury is still on my mind. Every day is a battle as I try to build up my confidence. It’s all up to me now.”
The badminton king will resume his normal routine practice in Bath training camp which is going to start from July 13. He is determined to pocket full benefits of these two weeks before the Olympics.
He declared coming edition of Olympics his last appearance and vowed to fetch the first gold medal for the country by overpowering every contender including World Number one Lin Dan.
Chong Wei said, “I want to go as far as possible in my last Olympics and try to win the first gold medal for the country. Lin Dan will be my main challenger ... but there are other good players too.”
The Malaysian badminton lovers are looking to him for an avenging victory as he squandered a golden chance for a medal against Lin Dan in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.



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