What's the difference between circumzied and uncircumsized

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What's the difference between circumzied and uncircumsized




  1. Nothing, really. I'm glad I'm circumcised since It looks a lot better. I've heard something about circumcised men having less sexual sensitivity down there, but most of that is anti-circ garbage.

  2. A Circumcised p***s is a p***s which has had the extra skin (f******n) cut off the p***s. If a male is circumcised, the head of the p***s is always visible and he is not able to pull back any skin from the p***s. If the male is uncircumcised, there is an extra skin on the p***s which prevents the head of the p***s from being visible, thus making it more sensitive to the touch. Hope this helps.

  3. uncircumsized is just extra skin that covers the p***s.  

  4. it removes the skin over the glans of the p***s, the f******n keeps the glans sensitive and allows for gliding motion that greatly enhances s*x and masturbation as well as it contains a LOT of nerves

    it is done for tradition now, people argue health effects but that reasoning is no longer valid as we have running water and such. the main health effects that started the whole popularity of circumcision thing was in the victorian era when s*x and masturbation were dirty and unclean, circumcision removes the

    most sensitive parts (as later proven by the Sorrell's fine touch study) and was thought to prevent the unhealthy habit of masturbation (according to thoughts at the time)

    I restored mine non surgically, and I can say having one makes a HUGE difference, don't listed to the people that have only known one way, how can they possibly know if it makes a difference

  5. See below diagram:

    Every human male is born with a f******n on his p***s. It is a natural bodypart with many important protective, sensory and sexual functions.

    About 20% of males worldwide have that f******n cut off, to become "circumcised", usually for religious requirements.

  6. Circumcised is the improved model! It is when the f******n that covers the head is removed. It is cleaner, healthier and looks much better. The antis will have you think there is some great loss of sensitivity, but that is pure BS! I was circumcised at 18 and would do it again in a heartbeat! When my boys (1&3) were born I didn't hesitate for a second to have them circumcised, as I know there is no downside, only a lifetime of benefits!

  7. Circumcision is cutting off all or part of the f******n (of the p***s), uncircumsized is just leaving it natural.

  8. the skin covering the head is removed on cut penises.

    pro-uncut people will say that the p***s is more sexually sensitive if left natural, but that is false.  The glands are more sensitive to touch if you are uncut, but not more sexually pleasing.

    Either way it's the same, except that uncuts have to clean up a bit more.  But for some reason, they are trying to outlaw cutting.  So there are zealous people proclaiming stupid things that have been proven otherwise.

  9. Uncircumcised is a natural p***s, circumcised has the f******n removed.


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