Does anyone know what white stuff on tongue?? plus bumps on back of tongue?

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yea i have a bunch of white stuff on my tongue and like 4 bumps on the back of my tongue?? anyone know what it could be




  1. You better go see your dentist. It's probably an infection.

  2. The four bumps on the back of your tounge are clusters of taste buds, perfectly normal.

    The white stuff is a fungal infection, most likely Candidas Albicans, a form of fungus that exists in the mnouth constantly but can overcome the tounge when antibiotics are used or if one has less than stellar oral hygene. Also, you may see this more often if a person smokes.

    There is not an antibiotic that will kill it, the best bet is a oral rinse and brush, literally with your toothbrush, your tounge.  

  3. the white stuff could be from not cleaning ur tounge properly, im not sure about that but the bumps on the back of ur tounge are tastebuds. hope i could help!

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