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please if you are a virgin or you are under 17 or 18 years old, don`t answer.

i find out that having s*x when i`m on my period its safe. i don`t have any disease and i have a serious relationship.

i had s*x about 5 or 6 times with my period and my bf told me not long ago that 2 times after having s*x with my period he felt a burning sensation wile urinating that only lasts a day.

my question is - did you ever experienced that ?

you think its because of my period ?

i am asking this here because i want a man`s opinion.





  1. Its obv because blood is thick and it's entering his p***s, and it dries up in there.  

  2. It is completely safe to have s*x during periods as long as both are healthy and disease free. The burning sensation your man experienced may be because your blood maybe acidic in nature which depends on your diet. It is a temporary discomfort and usually goes away within a few hours. Enjoy s******g

  3. That is entirely plausible. It is safe in terms of the fact that it is most unlikely for you to get pregrnant... but this won't stop him from getting a urinary tract infection while banging you duiring menstruation.

    It's definitely a risk to take. The fact that it lasts a day is an indication that the infection isn't serious. I strongly recommend that he take a daily multivitamin supplement and a daily vitamin B to improve his immune system so that he can put up a fight against that bacteria.

    If a guy has a urinary tract infection that lasts more than a day, then he will probably need antibiotics... meaning a visit to the quack and an embarrassing explanation. Oh it could be much worse believe me. Wait until you guys discover anal barebacking.

    Well, I can never get a condom out of the packet when my hands are all covered in lube... they're useless stupid things....  except for preventing transfer of STD's. Tell your dude to take his vitamins and man up... lol.

  4. It likely is, because during the period, there is a stage of older blood at the time of shedding the uterus lining, and newer blood toward the end.

    Because of this variation, the condition in the v****a is quite acidic to prevent infection or the entrance of unwanted pathogens. The liquid gets forced into the urethra of the male and can cause irritation, resulting in a burning sensation while urinating for about a day.

    It isn't any risk, only a noticeable burning! That has happened to Me! as well.

    Hope that helps explain.

    Me! :- )

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