I have pain in my testies when i try to get it up?

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well im a little concerned last week on thursday, i kicked myself in the testes while i was sleeping and i woke up in sickening pain, i couldnt pee, i took a shower, then i was able to, then i masturbated, then i felt like i was passing stones while i was pissing after i masturbated, then most everything became normal last night around 1 in the morning i was fantasizing and got it up and precum came out, after that when i went to the bathroom, hades unleashed its wrath upon my p**s, and i was told it was because of the acid i was taking in *mountain dew addict* but mainly im curious when will all this pain stop, ive started chugging water but i still have yet to solve the teste problem...and i dont think im pissing in a normal amount...either that or im paranoid...also when im sitting or laying in a certain positon they will hurt too




  1. Dude... I'm not a guy, but I was cringing...

    I can't even begin to imagine how much pain you must be in. As embarassing as it may be, you really should consult a doctor, because that doesn't sound good at all.

    You poor, poor thing.

  2. it could be t******e torsion

    i would see a doctor

  3. Well...I've benn kicked in the balls before so I know how it feels. The pain stays for a good while. I would suggest that you keep to your water and stay a little away from masturbation; hitting near/on your balls over and over might not help lol. Or it could just be blue balls and because you hit you nut sack =P

  4. not really sure, tho to your 2nd, actually, no/

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