How far in should your p***s go in?

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Ive had s*x with my g/f about 5 times and we were both virgins before that. But my p***s can only go in about 2 inches at the most and it cant really go farther. Theres some kinda wall or something stopping it. But i was fingering her and i went in really deep and i pushed through something kinda but it hurt her. Should i just go harder and farther in or will it just eventually stretch on its own?




  1. no name above me is obviously a virgin.

    u go all the way in.

    ur sapposed to break through the wall it will hurt but after awhile of having s*x it feels good.

    the wall wont be there after u break through it.

  2. its nice u being gentle, but u have to use enough force to break her hymen, which is about 3inches up there.  your supposed to go pretty far in. god wouldn't give guys a 5-6in d**k if they were only suppose to go 2in in.

  3. Bro thats Called Hymen Go ahead and Pop it Shell Bleed but after that itll feel good and Use you p***s

  4. well about 2inches is as far as yull prolly go. thats why gurls say that size doesnt matter cuz yu cnt go in far anyways.

  5. It will eventually stretch. A woman's v****a can stretch up to 12 inches in severe cases.

  6. LOL.........

    All the way in! Just be gentle and first.

    Then you can pound away........

  7. Yup its the hymen. Your girl needs to stretch her hymen out. Haha, when it breaks, there will be blood, so just dont freak out or anything. But after she stretches her hymen, you probably can go in further.

  8. Until it comes out the other side

  9. if your only going in two inches with you p***s and further with your fingers you want to either increase your foreplay[and theres no polite way to put this]so she's all wet and slimy or get some lube from the chemist so you can enter her easily

  10. sounds like pillow pants her v****a troll is living there. he is keeping you from having s*x because you arent married

  11. Yep. Sounds like a hymen to me, mate.

  12. the first time your p***s may not go in all the way

    her v****a is elastic and will allow you to push more of your p***s in each time you have s*x

    it could also be you guys are too young and she needs to develop more

  13. Go all the way in.

    Be gentle, and dont be afraid of the blood.

    Don't worry, your not stabbing her to death with that thing!

  14. i would say lets do this i guess you have to go through this thing called hymen i been reading about it might blleed mostly likely it will hurt for a little bit but your stick can go more in so yah how old are you and is she ******* prengat if she is than no wonder lol...

  15. You will need to push through it, and it is her hymen. It may hurt briefly for her, but once you bread through it, you have a bout 6 inches that you can go in. After 6 inches, you come up against the cervix, and you want to be gentle there, and not push it too much, that can hurt. You will learn what is good for her, by communicating.

    It may bleed a little after you push though the hymen, but that is normal and usually happen when a Dude takes a girls virginity.

    It is supposed to represent a sense of mutual belonging to each other.

    If you were both virgins, you would be smart to stick together, knowing that neither of you has a std or any disease.

    You are both completely safe for each other as long as you stay having s*x only with each other!

    Hope that makes sense to you Dude!

    Me! :- )

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