Does Masterbation really help with p***s growth?

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I have a feeling I'm just gullible but I hear people saying it does. It's like an excersize of some sort?




  1. No.

  2. it works out your hand but.

    no sorry to ruin your day

  3. as far as i know then it doesn't no matter how much you do it

  4. Yes cause pulling your p***s makes it get waaaay bigger (Sarcasm) no it doesnt help.

  5. If it were true we would all be measuring in feet instead of inches.

  6. No, it doesnt because after your pulling motion your jamming it in again, up and down.

  7. no, masturbating will not make your p***s bigger

    it is a normal and healthy activity but it doesn't effect p***s size

  8. it has no effect at all

  9. It isn't the formula for making the p***s grow, but anything that makes it become engrossed with blood sure doesn't hinder growth any and is good to fill out any new growth!

    The joke is that when you m********e, it grows....meaning that you get a hard on...which in a sense it grows! Hahaha!

    Have and awesome night Dude!

    Me! :- )

  10. Has no effect positive or negative. Just a bodily function you can enjoy.

  11. Well, I have also heard and seen information that says that it is possible through tedious stretches (similar to masturbation) to slowly enlarge (slightly) the size of a man's p***s.

    I am, however, very skeptical that any actual growth could be achieved through these methods. And, if it is something that a person would want to pursue, there are many other ways that growth could be achieved.

  12. no it doesnt make it bigger, sorry

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