How to clean off sticky stuff?

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just got a new laptop, and i was peeling off stickers. it left really sticky stuff behind.i cant scratch off or clean it off.sugestions?




  1. Goo gone mostly

    I would use rubbing alcohol on my computer though.

    But on the screen I would just rub with my fingers.

  2. i just use a paper towel and a little rubbing alcohol. The gum will dissolve almost instantly.  

  3. Goo Gone or Goof Off, they really work. Also vegetable oil, will do the same thing. Dab a little on the stuff and rub it off. Then clean it with an electronics cleaner,.

  4. Vegetable oil. swear to god, it works like a charm and it doesn't have any harsh chemicals in it. Just wash it off when you're done :)

  5. goo gone! u can buy it at any hard ware store. or wal-mart. it will be in the paint section. it also works good with gum and other sticky situations

  6. hair dryer and a scraper.Chemicles could ruin the finish but electronics will take the heat for long enough

  7. There's stuff you can buy called "Goo Gone."  Try the cleaning section of your local hardware store.

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