White stuff on baby's tongue?

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On sunday, I notice my daughter had white stuff on her tongue, I didnt know what it was so I took her into her doctor on monday. The doctor told me that if was just her formula coating her tongue. He didnt tell me how to get it off or anything.

So my question is: How do I get it off her tongue? Do other people have this problem?




  1. Sounds like thrush to me. She may need an antibiotic. (mom of five)

  2. I noticed the same with my baby and so I asked her  doc and he said it was just formula.  If it's formula you can just rub it off easily; if it is thrush it will not come off easily, it sticks to tongue.  If your doc said it was formula it's fine...if it was thrush I guess they would have to go on anti is very common

  3. UMM... Take her to a different dr. That is probably Thrush, which is a yeast infection. It is common and if you breastfeed you can get it on your nipple and it is very painful. The both of you can transmit it between one another. she can also have it without breastfeeding. She needs an antiabotic.

  4. If it is just formula, you can wash it away with just a sip of water from a bottle or wipe the tongue with a clean, wet washcloth. If it doesn't wipe off easily, or it coats the tongue again, before baby has drank another bottle, than it could be thrush. Thrust is a yeast infection of the mouth. It can be contracted by any bacteria on the nipple, pacifier, or anything else that comes in contact with babies mouth. Antibiotics can also cause thrush- not cure it! Thrush usually wont go away on its own. It will spread down babies throat and into the digestive tract. Then it will spread out onto babies diaper area, thus causing a yeast infection down there as well.  Eventually babies mouth will become very sore and he/she will not want to eat.  I the white tongue continues on w/out spreading to the cheeks and roof o mouth, ten it is just milk. Otherwise take baby back to the ped. He will prescribe Nystatin drops for the mouth and Nystatin cream for the bottom- if needed.  Keep an eye on how she reacts to the coating on her tongue. If you are still worried, get another opinion. ;O)

  5. do u have a husband??


    well if u do

    ask him


  6. Your doctor was right.. you can buy a finger toothbrush and use it to clean

    her gums and tounge

  7. My kids had that and it was from the formula, just wet a face cloth and wipe  her tongue.

  8. It does sound like thrush, but if the doc. sees no problem I would just get one of the baby toothbrushes (they're rubber and slide over your finger) and brush her tongue just like you might do her gums if it really bothers you.

  9. If the doctor said it is just the formula coating her tongue then it should clear up on its own as the saliva keeps washing over her tongue. However if you put your finger on her tongue and gently wipe it and it does NOT go away, then it could be thrush, an infection that requires an antibiotic and you'll have to take her back to the doctor. If it comes off when you wipe it, then have no worries, she'll be fine. :-)

    Good luck!

  10. Normally if it's a white coating on the tongue it's thrush.  You may want to take her back to the doctor because thrush only gets worse without medication.  If it is just milk then you can get a very soft tooth brush and wash her tongue.  If it's thrush you will see bumps all over her tongue under the white coding.  It is contagious.  Keep an eye on it and if she seems to be uncomfortable in the mouth area you need to take her back to the doctor.  I know a few kids that have had it and they give you an antibiotic to give to the baby for about a week.

  11. Its probably thrush, a yeast infection of the mouth. It may go away on its own, but if it starts to irritate baby, the pediatrician can prescribe drops or antibiotics.

  12. Did the doctor take a stick and test if he could rub it off? If not its probably thrush which is a form of yeast. You use medicine and make sure that all nipples are sterile.

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