What should i do? my daddy is in trouble!?

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i'm in bergan county, new jersey

okay, so, every friday, my mother picks me and alia from school, and she takes me to my father's house and we get our clothes and we leave to new york.

today was GOING to be no different.

my father's car was in the driveway, which is so unlike him. he always parks it in the garage. so, when we saw his car, we thought he was home. when i got to the door, i saw we had three packages, so i picked them up, and i rang the door bell. and, no one answered. so, i went to my dad's car, which was unlocked (again, completly unlike him.) and, i went inside, and i opened the garage door with the opener.

i entered the house, calling for everyone. no one was home. his keys were on the table were he always keeps them. his bed was all messed up as if he just woke and left somewere.

usually, my cat hates me. but, when i got home, he was following me everywere. seriously, he's really smart.

i went to the house phone, and called me dad's cell phone, which wasn't on it's charger, so obviously he took it. it went straight to his voice mail.

i checked the recently dialed calls, (which are deleted everyday, so this call was made today) annd 911 was the only one there.

i'm 99.8% sure that he's in the hospital.

so, now i need to find out which hospital he's in. which hospitals in bergan county? i need to find out ASAP.




  1. Find a phone book and look in it, or ask a neighbor!

    Additional details:

    Your top priority is to get yourself and your sister under the supervision of an adult, if your mother wont come and get you, call your grandparents! In previous questions you have asked, you stated that they are close to your father, so... it seems to me that they would come and get you or at the very least let you know whats going on! If that fails, then call the police again, NOT 911, use they're regular number and explain to them how old you and your sister are and that you do not know where your dad is and you can't get ahold of him and you guys are all alone in the house! Until you can get this sorted out and have a trusted adult present, lock all the doors and windows and do not open the door for anyone other then people you know or the police!

  2. See if you can find a phone book--look up hospitals.  Call them all or the closest one.  If all else fails--call the police and ask them to check to see if they can call the hospitals for you.  Just stay as calm as possible.  The police phone number should be in the front of the phone book.  Good Luck

  3. you should be able to find a hospital by putting: hospital Bergan County in yahoo search. If there isn't a local hospital in your area you can type: hospital NJ. Your local fire/police department may have some information as well. It also should be listed in the telephone book but by name most likely. If the police was contacted though they may know where your dad was transported to. bergen regional's number is 1.201.967.4000

  4. I'd call your mom if you can. If not, get another responsible adult to come and pick you up.  Then, they can call the hospitals for you. I'd seriously see if your mother could pick you up though.


    Here's a website of the hospitals in your area:

  5. Call your mom and get adult help before doing anything else.

  6. i would call 911 again honey, they know how the first call was handled. do it now, i hope everything will be ok ;-)

    did you call?

    if they don't help you, you tell them to send the police to your house now.

  7. Yeah i can tell your lying b reading this

  8. I'm sorry that I can't answer your question, but best of luck. I hope all goes well.

  9. Hackensack University Medical Center@ - Hackensack

    Holy Name Hospital@ - Teaneck

    Bergen Regional Medical Center - Paramus

    Specializing in long term care, acute care, and behavioral health services.

    Valley Hospital - Ridgewood

    Offers a range of inpatient and outpatient services.

    That is a list I found for you

  10. Ok, Stay Calm, I'm in the fire department and the best way to find him is this. Go To and Search Hospitals in The City Your Dad Lives In (It will include The surrounding Area). Then Call The hospital and ask for "Patient Information" and Then give them your dad's First and Last Name. They Will Tell you if anyone in the hospital is by that name. (Call all the Hospitals on that list) Hope This Helps.


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