Ok am i wierd for liking this guys....?

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alright guys my b/f isn't the biggest of the bunch (down there) but he sure knows how to get me off!! i've never been with anyone else so i don't know any different ( no i don't plan on cheating on the love of my life ) lol but i think to his advantage, he doesn't streatch me out or anything so i'm tight everytime....what are your thoughts???




  1. you need a big d**k. holla at me if u want to try something new

  2. Size to the girl is relative i.e. relative to what you are accustomed to so if you're getting satisfied you're doing good.  

  3. If it isn't broken, don't try to fix it!  You have chemistry with this Dude, so Love your Dude, and stay true to him. I have big gear, but that isn't what does it!  What I looked for in my Lady was chemistry. Without that, it just gets old!

    You have become sized together, and it will feel good every time.

    If you are in Love with him, give him all of the pleasure that you can, because it sounds like he gives you that. If you stay together, you don't need to worry about disease, and can have real Love making without a condom if you use a different proven birth control other than a condom.

    Because of potential disease, couples sacrifice full contact and need to use a condom for disease protection, by having multiple partners, and changing partners. This is something worth discussing together as well.

    Wanting the most best for you

    Me! :- )

  4. if you're happy with your bf just stay with him, there are loads of couples who have only been with each other, it doesn't matter how many people you've been with.

  5. I think, what is the question? Why would I have thoughts on your boyfriend not being big, or you not being stretched?

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