4 questions (guys only)?

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-what does having your balls dropped mean?

-what does (impotent) mean?

-why dont i get a really good fealing when masturbating? do i need to change my method?

-why havnt i ejaculated yet? (im almost 13 and a half)




  1. 1-balls dropped is when your balls get longer and hang

    2-impotent i think means you can't have babies

    3-if you don't get a good feeling masturbating change your method

    4-your probably a late bloomer

  2. Balls dropped-

      Normal if you ever really cared to look,your bals seem to just be a litle rounded thing attached to you. when they 'drop' they more kinda hang down there.  

  3. Well first to answer the queastion about your feeling, first of all don't get your self into the mood to m********e only m********e when u just realy need to (about every 3 days).And im 12 and i ejaculate every time but people hit purberty in diffrent stages i just happened to hit it at about 9. Dont worry about it ,its your body not any 1 elses.

  4. u probably get the idea of the majority of the answers but i can answer the the good feeling one it happened to me well imagine ------------- this line is a well... p***s, men normally just put the hand around and such but i do it like this i pressurize in this zone oooo---------  the most . and sometimes i have well... s*x with a pillow lol kinda weird the normal way doesnt please me.

  5. Instant MEssage me brianwallker67

  6. balls dropped means that they are in your sack.

    impotent means you cant have kids

    yeah change methods

    it is ok if you cant ejaculate. it is different for everyone and you may just need time.

    if you need someone helpful to talk to, instant message me. i am sending you one. good luck.

  7. No need to "Instant Message" me, I will answer your questions here!

    1. The term "balls dropped" means that ones testicles have lowered in the s*****m, and are no longer held close to the body all the time, this helps regulate the temprature and provides for the production of sperm.

    2. "Impotent" means, the inability to achieve and maintain an erection, at 13 I am certain that this is NOT a concern for you!

    3. You may not be having a "good feeling" when you m********e simply because you are not following through to o****m, which can happen with out an ejaculation.

    4. You answered this one yourself! You said you are only 13, it is perfectly normal for a person your age not to ejaculate yet. However, I would wager that within the next few months this will change for you, especialy if your testicles have dropped!

  8. Thats sexes um well

    ur balls are droopy

    u can eject but the egg inthe sperm will die and u cant get a girl pregnet

    probaby change postion

    late bloomer

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