Why do guy friends (straight ones)look @ each other down there?

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its weird cause ive heard of guys that do that




  1. to compare size

  2. Why do girls look at other girls butts,  Curiousity and Compition, You wanna see if yours is bigger than hers (his is bigger than his)

  3. Guys use a variety of things to measure their status. One of them is how big their penises are. It is innately human to look at the things we aren'tt suppose to look at just to see how they rank. The guys in the locker room always made comments about other guys penises in a non-g*y and masculine manner. My best friends high school nickname was in reference to the size of his package. All the guys on the track and wrestling team called him "Reverend Package" but was later shortened to "The Rev" once the descriptive nickname became well known.

  4. finally someone asks this question. i have been wondering this forever!

  5. I dont look at other dude ***** if thats what your saying...

  6. It's just comparing Rachel! ....You know, just like how girls look at each others b***s! Heehe!

    Have fun

    Me! :- )    

  7. Just about ALL guys will check out other guys when given the opportunity ; BUT none will usually admit to doing it ....

    Guys check out other guys to see just how they compare in size ect ....

  8. To compare size.

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